Outlook 2003 Imap and contacts folder

I am new to IMAP and just configured my Gmail account in Outlook to work with IMAP.
I like the way the mail part of it works.

But I am having trouble getting my contacts folder to come up.
I thought maybe it would be in the Personal Folders above my IMAP folder on the left side. But all I have there is: Deleted, Drafts, Inbox, Junk, Outbox, Sent, Search.

Anyone know how I can get my contacts working again with IMAP in outlook?
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jhill777Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can export your contacts from gmail into a CSV file and import them into outlook.
davorinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
IMAP natively syncs only mails, not contacts.
LA75Author Commented:
So is there anyway to add a contacts folder that doesnt sync?
I just want to be able to have my mail sync and a contacts folder that I can use to store names and numbers.
Go to your contacts on Gmai
l>Go to more actions on the top right-ish
>CSV Outlook file
>Save the file
>Open Outlook
>Import from another program or file
>Comma Seperated Value (Windows)
>Find File
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