SSIS - Data Flow - two lookups to the same table

In my data flow, I need to run two different lookups to the same table and pull out different values. What I'm getting is that when I build the second lookup, it assumes I'm doing the same type of lookup and automatically uses the link built from the prior lookup and does not allow me to build new relationships in the 2nd lookup.

How can I build the lookup so that I can reference the same table but under different relationships?
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Reza RadConnect With a Mentor Consultant, TrainerCommented:
you can use merge join instead of lookup for this case,
and after merge join use conditional split transformation to find out match and no-match resutls.

could you provide sample of input data stream, and also sample of lookup tables, and requested results for sample data and I will explain solution for you in details.
Reza RadConsultant, TrainerCommented:
I can't understand what you mean exactly?
what do you mean by under different relationships?
could you explain more in details?
write a sql statement to get your necessary columns instead of selecting the table from the dropdownlist. If needed, use aliases.
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wppiexpertsAuthor Commented:
For example...I have a time table that stores universal dates and times that can be referenced by a keycode. As I'm loading in my data, say for instancee, I have a field that stores orderdate (mm/dd/yyyy) and a shipdate which is actually comprised of 3 fields (one for month, one for day, one for year).

These fields can store different date values but in the process of loading the data, both need to pull a timecodekey from the time table.

So in the data load flow, I have one step that does a lookup to the time table for the orderdate (using a datetime field) and in the process builds the link between my load data and the time table. In another lookup step, when I try to do a join between my data and the time table, it automatically assumes I want to use the relationship built in the prior step, but actually, I want to build a new relationship using the month, day and year fields now.

How do I override what SSIS wants to use as the default relationship and use the new one?
How did you configure your lookups? Did you use the dropdown, or did you type in a SQL Statement?

Does the package have the same behaviour when you use SQL statements?
wppiexpertsAuthor Commented:
I've only been using the dropdown option. Not sure how to buld the query using data loaded in the prior script transformation. If you could give me an sql example of how to reference a field like that, I can give that a shot.
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