Exchange SBS 2003- Emails Disappearing-Going into sync failures folder

Small Business Server 2003 Exchange Problems: Emails show up in inbox or on mobile device then Disappears, I only find it in Sync Failures folder through OWA, Does not show up on Outlook client. I can move the emails through OWA but all attachments are stripped and cannot be opened. Please Help. What is causing this..
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vanbarsounConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What are the actual errors in the Conflicts and Server Failures folder? You should see a bunch of them, either the same or different. Just click into the folders and take a look.
What is the exact message of the failure in the Sync Failures folder?
revo808Author Commented:
Do you need the error from the server? Not quite sure what your asking
revo808Author Commented:
Resolved Thanks
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