Blue description panel in the Services window in SBS 2008

Hi All,

I have multiple clients now whi I have running SBS 2008. When I open up the Services window on the Extended tab, there is a blue panel where the description text should be. I have also found that when I go to install Exchange Service Pack 3 on these machines, I get a blank gui window come up and I am unable to progress with the installation because I can not get to the link to activate the installation. PLEASE help

This is one that I struggle to find any information on, so if anyone out there can help me get to the bottom of, then I am sure the IT world will appreciate it, as well as myself!
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Cptn_SmoothConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi All,
It has been a while since anyone has commented on this.

Just letting you all know that I am getting past this issue by just installing Exchange 2007 SP3 via the command prompt.
As for the Services window, that still remains a mystery!
If anyone does come across a solve for it please be sure to comment on this question and we can all be notified.
Are you logged in as Administrator ?

Check event logs
start > run > eventvwr
Check under windows logs\application
Cptn_SmoothAuthor Commented:
Yes I am logged in as Administrator and I can only see Event ID 8214 come up when the install attempts. But nothing comes up when I start the Services window.

I have added some screen shots to show you what is happening.
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Can you restart SBS and see if this continues ?
Services will get refreshed
8214 is a Sharepoint related error.
that doesnt have anything to do with that

Please run SBS best Practices Analyzer
Start > Programs > Small Business Server > Best Practices Analyzer
Export report as html and upload it here

Cptn_SmoothAuthor Commented:
The first thing I tried was a reboot.
Yeah I was thinking that event ID did not have anything to do with it.
Attached is the BPA report.
I know there are some items here, but I have inherited this server not set it up.
I'd say
a) Check the RPC issues
b) Clean up data from c:\drive

delete files from here

c) Go to Server Roles > Remove hyper-v
disable hyper-v services from
start > run > services.msc

restart the server
Cptn_SmoothAuthor Commented:
I will get back to it on monday. Hope this works!
Cptn_SmoothAuthor Commented:
Hi, I just finished doing all of this and to no avail :-(
I can't even pinpoint an update that would do this...?
Cptn_SmoothAuthor Commented:
Hi all,
Has anyone come across this error also?

I may have to re-issue/post it!
I am sorry I couldnt help you with this. Still no idea why that didnt fix it..
Thank you for your patience.
Cptn_SmoothAuthor Commented:
This question has not been answered, just a work around was found for one part of it, hence why I gave it a poor grade.
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