CA Total Defense r12

OK so has anyone installed CA's Total Defense r12 successfully? I have tried to install this on both 2008 r2(64bit) and 2003 r2 (64bit) Virtual machines and although the software appears to install correctly, fails miserably in trying to discover the other machines it is intended to protect. I am in contact with CA support but every time the support engineer has called it is to get further feedback and then contact support in the US which takes 24 hrs for each question.

added 20th September.

Can I infer from the lack of response to this question that the software in question has not been installed by anyone? By the same token, the lack of response from CA support is just as woeful.
Martin SudulIT ManagerAsked:
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Netman66Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry that nobody has replied yet.

I'll try to work it through with you.

I have not tried installing this program, however given that it's a 32bit application you are laying onto a 64bit OS, I would start there.

Can you install it on a 32bit OS to see if it works?

A 64bit OS  has a WOW layer that uses 2 DLLs to intercept and translate calls into and out of the kernel.  This is overhead to the tune of about 512 bytes per call.  Performance will not be better than that of a 32bit OS - in fact it'll be worse.

Not saying this is the cause, but I would at least eliminate the 64bit OS from the equation before spending hours barking up the wrong tree.

Let me know.
Have you managed to get this problem resolved?

The main issue with installing R12 on the 2003 R2 server is that CA does not support 2003 R2 at this time. I was on the phone with CA a few weeks ago with a similar issue as you and the they said they were expecting to support 2003 R2 by the end of 2010. They did not make any guarantees though.

It will install just fine on 2003 R2, but the features and over performance of the product will not be up to par once installed.
We even tried installing just the client on 2003 R2 but it screwed up our DHCP services. So we have completely dropped the notion of installing on 2003 R2.

Hope you find this post helpful.
Martin SudulIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
The reality of the situation is that I have a business to protect. The CA software just did not cut it and their support process was woefull in the extreme. We have installed the Kaspersky software with very few issues and nothing that was not resolved immediately with a phone call.
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I have tried this package and it is terrible. CA will not support its installaton on any domain controller 2003 / 2008 yet sell it for SBS. We have been forced to purchase a dedicted WIndows 7 PC just to provide updates. We have only managed to get 2 PCs protected. All other client installations failed. CA support have been looking at this for 2 weeks and are getting absolutley no where. The 2 PCs protected require full manual reinstall of the previous CA product and including deleting reg keys. We will probably be seeking a refund.
As an IT consultatnt, I have been struggling --no, make that STRUGGLING/DYING/GASPING for breath -- with Total Defense v. 12 since last October.  I can't even begin to count the number of wasted hours and the amount of bad customer feelings I have faced.   I was promised numerous times that the recently-released "SE1" version would solve the problems Ithat  have run into, but it absolutely did not.  With each issue encountered and raised, a "fix" is miraculously and immediately available... iindicating to me that I'm far from alone running into these issues.  The only problem is, the fixes don't fix.  I could go on with details for days, but the bottom line is that this software is not yet ready for sale, and, in fact, to label it anything other than "beta" at this point is a consumer rip-off and borderlne criminal.  At least for now, avoid the product.    
I have success putting r12 on about 75 machines running Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 7, Windows XP SP3.

I struggled with issues on Windows 7 Pro (64), but it appears usable.

It cratered my 2 DCs running Windows 2003 & 2003 R2, by crashing many services, LMGRD, ACS, print, etc..

I have removed from the DCs, and I am waiting for tech support. tec-toc-tic-toc-tic-toc.........

Good luck with it...I have been strugling with it since October also.  After Tec support gave up and did not have anoymore solutions they would just tell me to wait for verison R12 1 update and then r12 ver 2 .  They fix one thing but break 10 others.  It can not be run on any type of SQL platform.  It blocks network drives.  It has blue screened computers.  Ever taken down an image server with over 10 million images.  Talk about a show stopper.  Over all it has made me look obsolete in my carrer.  And last but not least.  I go home and turn on my home pc and wha la.  My CA anti virus home edition will not load.  Take about a nail in the coffin.  I am done.  As soon as I know that management wants to move forward I will have no problem working on off times to get rid of CA and install something more reliable and ready for the market.
We upgraded from 8.1 to V12 (upgraded cough) since Oct 2011, this product has failed to work in any fashion, this is definitely a Beta product, we have found out that Ca have sold this product to another company in the USA, also called Total Defence, they will bat you around on the phone system, until you can't take any more.The support is more than useless (just ring your cat), the product is pathetic (stick a plaster on your users pc) Please avoid this product!!!!
You have been warned.
anyone know of a good removal tool for total defense r12?
cant uninstall from control panel on a win2003 32bit.
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