Slow opening Office 2003 Documents (Excel and Word) over Network with Windows 7 and Office 2007 or 2010

Here is the scenario

When opening Office 2003 documents on two machines running Windows 7 and either Office 2007 or Office 2010 (machines were upgraded to see if fix plus to resolve another issue) then takes over 30 seconds to open - at the bottom it says downloading the file.  

It opens xlsx and docx files fine

If you copy the file locally then it opens instantly

Have tested other machines running Windows XP and Office 2003, Office 2007 or Office 2010 and all loads fine

Have disabled the AV - same thing

Have investigated how it opens the file and tried with /e "%1"... but same thing

Have changed default printer to not bea network one - same thing

Have tried opening the file within the program rather than double clicking - same thing

Have tried logging on as Administrator user - same thing

Have removed all mapped drives with net use * /delete in case that - same thing

To try and reproduce the problem here have same thing with Windows 7 and Office 2007 and same AV and loads up straight away

Experts - please share any ideas cause I'm stumped - thanks
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try disabling the office live plugin :

office button > settings > plugins > go on com type > uncheck

If that doesnt work, look at this link ;
I have seen that you tried my link, so I hope the live plugin removal helps.

Also try it in safe mode and remove addins one by one.
CompsysukAuthor Commented:
Hi - the link is what I have already seen and doesn't resolve - you have to download a third party app to get at these settings

"Have investigated how it opens the file and tried with /e "%1"... but same thing"

If you disable the dde as it shows then try and open the file then it looks like it will open but is a blank file

I don't think addins as get same problem if open word or excel in safe mode (no addins loaded)

Will check into office live plugin - why do you think this may be the culprit?
I could give it a go with safe mode with networking as haven't tried that
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CompsysukAuthor Commented:
Forgot to mention have also tried enabling one of the Excel Add ins that some posts refer to but makes no difference
As far as office live plugin goes, I have found this to be a bugger of an addin.

I dont mean restart the PC in safe mode, I mean try excel in safe mode with no addins loaded :

start>run> excel /s

If Excel works ok with no addins loaded, then you know that an addin is your problem.  I would disable the live addin first.
sorry to maybe mention the obvious but have you checked the network card or ports on the switch / patch panel you connect too.

could it be that they have developed a fault.

maybe try an alternative.

also you could uninstall and reinstall office on the machine this may resolve the problem

hope this helps
CompsysukAuthor Commented:
Have upgraded the network card to latest and opening PDF and Office 2007 documents open fine - just Office 2003 docs that take an age.

It may be that it was an upgrade from Office 2003 to 2007 which may be causing issues - may need to rip out all of Office and reinstall from scratch - will see
Did you try excel in safe mode as I suggested?

start > run > Excel /s  ?
CompsysukAuthor Commented:
Hi - there is no live addin installed - they are both running Office 2010 now

Tried winword /safe and still slow and also tried Excel /s which seems slightly faster - will do a time comparison shortly to see

I'm having a very similar issue with this. I'm upgrading from Office 2000 to Office 2010 on Windows XP sp3 machines. I have seen and tried all the above trouble shooting suggestions with 0 success. The symptom of the problem is the same, When I try to open the initial document in Word or Excel I get a very long wait. Once that document is open, subsequent documents or spreadsheets open fine.

If I uninstall Office 2010 then reinstall Office 2000 the problem goes away. Even a partial install of Office 2010 i.e. just Word, the probelm occurs. I've installed Office 2010 on many machines that work fine but a few of them have this problem. Local files open fine. My network sever is a Netware 6.5 server with all the service packs.

Here's the kicker: I did manage to fix this on one machine. This is what finally did it; I disabled the DVD driver and boom, slow file access problem just went away. When I re-enabled the device the problem stayed fixed. The sad part is that I have not been able to reproduce this fix. Since I made many alterations to that particular machine I have no way of knowing what actually fixed the problem. One thing that I believe can safely be said is that its not a server issue but is definitely happening on the PC.

This has been very frustrating and my Office 2010 rollout is on hold until I can fix this problem. At least I know that it can be fixed and when I figure out how to make it happen I'll be sure to post to here.
Ok, after hours of painstaking trouble shooting I have made a serendipitous discovery regarding this problem. Turns out that the machines that were having slow initial file access with Office 2010 installed were running Internet Explorer 8.0. Go to tools> internet option> security> local intranet> sites and uncheck the box that says 'automatically detect intranet network'. Boom, problem solved.

Hopes this helps everyone. Hopefully someone at Microsoft is paying attention to this thread.
CompsysukAuthor Commented:
Will give it a go - sounds like different problem but may have same solution
CajonZone - if you open 2007/2010 docs from the server were they loading ok but just not older 2000 docs?  Also you said that after opening initial file was ok - I don't think we had that - had same problem with subsequent older Outlook formats.

Fingers crossed
When loading any Word or Excel or even PDF files across the network with IE8 and Office 2010 installed initial load time was very long. Once a Word file was open, as long as the file stayed open, other Word files would open quickly. Same with Excel.

Note: in IE6 this setting does not exist. In IE7 the setting is there but is unchecked by default. In IE8 the setting is checked by default. This causes no problems with Office 2000. Don't know about Office 2003 or 2007 but it definitely causes initial file access delays with Office 2010.

Note 2: Turns out that disabling the DVD drive made no difference and was just a red herring.
CompsysukAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately  tools> internet option> security> local intranet> sites and uncheck the box that says 'automatically detect intranet network' was already unticked

I have disabled ip6 and restarting to test that and also ran ORK from the Office 2003 Tookit resources page and asked it to clear any traces of 2003 in case that - if that doesn't work next step is to remove teh AV and test again - fingers crossed

CompsysukAuthor Commented:
Ok finally resolved - here is what I did next

1. Run ORK from the Office 2003 resource kit to remove any traces of Office 2003 - restart - no difference
2. Uninstall 2010 completely and reinstall - no diference
3. Remove nod32 in safe mode - no difference
4. Run msconfig and stop all non MS services and startup - no difference
5. Copy files to another server and then try opening - open fine (Interesting)
6. Disable Real Time Protection on DC - files open straight away
7. Call Eset who say it is a known issue they see occasionally and to upgrade
8.  Download and install latest version - same problem (haven't rebooted yet)
9. Change some of the options for the real time protection and test - opens fine

So if you see this problem with slow opening of Office 2003 - try disabling AV on the server and see if problem remains - if not then your AV is the culprit.

I will restart the server over weekend and see if works with the settings set to normal

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CompsysukAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions
Hi there all,

I am suffering in opening the office file which was saved on office 97 in office 2010. The following things keeps happining to my VAIO laptop the screen start blinking, the language bar also start blinking and the fan start running crazy. Also tried to open any new files that was saved in 2007 or 2010 Office they run ok with no problem.I am running Windows 7 and Office 2010. Please help me.
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