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Exchange server in home office using 1and1

I'm setting up an Exchange server (2003) in my home office.  My domain name is registered at 1add1.com.  I can't seem to get the A and MX records right at 1and1.

This is what I'm working with.  Some of it could be wrong or completely unnecessary, (like the subdomain with the name of my server) in misguided attempts to get it right.

I think there are two things I'm not getting right, but there might be four.  The two are the A and MX records for systems-that-work.com, and the other two might be A and MX records for stw-server.systems-that-work.com if in fact I need this subdomain at all.  I confess to still being mystified about exactly how a message to ronh@systems-that-work.com finds its way to my Exchange server.

 These are the following things related to my environment that I have to work with.
 I have tried several of them but none seem to work.
Comcast is my ISP, and I am using a Linksys router.
My router reports the following on the Status page:
IP address:
Default Gateway:
My 1and1 domain name is systems-that-work.com.   I have created a subdomain on 1and1,
My server's name is stw-server
My Windows domain name is systemsthatwork.local
My server's internal IP address is
I've tried several things and right now my settings at 1and1 are:
A record -
MX record - stw-server.systems-that-work.com
but I'm not receiving any email messages, so these must be wrong.
In addition to knowing what to enter on 1and1 for the A and MX records, can you
tell me if there is something I have to enter in the DNS settings on my server?  I don't think there is, based on looking at the DNS settings on another Exchange server I manage (but which was set up for me and for which someone else is managing the A and MX records) This other server seems to have no DNS entries other than the internal IP addresses in the 192.168 range.

And as a point of information, does it take 24 hours for any change I make to my domain name, and/or my A and MX records at 1ad1 to take effect?  Or did that 24-hour period for information to proliferate throughout the DNS system apply only to the initial creation of systems-that-work.com as an address registered at 1and1?  24 hours to register each change sure makes it take a while to get it right.

As you can see, I'm floundering here.  This is probably dirt simple to hundreds of people who understand this, but I don't yet.  Any help is much appreciated.  

Thanks, Ron Hicks
Ronald Hicks
Ronald Hicks
4 Solutions
Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
You need to create a host a record called say yourdomain.com and point it to your external IP

then you create the mx record to point to yourdomain.com which will then resolve to the IP

you can use http://www.mxtoolbox.com/ to verify it is configured correctly

all you need to do then is configure your router to forward port 25 to the internal ip of your mailserver

and yes it can take upto 48 hours for the dns records to take effect but usually it is a lot faster, a few hours maybe.
you need to add an MX record for 1and1.com that points to your current A record for stw-server...
make sure your exchange server is also configured with the domain 1and1.com within the accepted domains
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create another sub domain with 1and1 called mx1.systems-that-work.com then edit the DNS settings for the subdomain. Change the a record to go to 'other ip address' and enter

Go back and change the dns settings for stw-server.systems-that-work.com.  Change the mx record to other mail server and enter mx1.systems-that-work.com priority 10.

You must have a static ip address on your router ( and port 25 traffic forwarded to with also should be a static address.
Ronald HicksAuthor Commented:
I'm still lost.  

I've got the following at 1and 1.


stwexserv.systems-that-work.com  (not sure why this one.  a helper set it up)

What please should be the following:
A record for systems-that-work.com
MX record for systems that work.com

A record for stw-server.systems-that-work.com
MX record for stw-server.systems-that-work.org

A record for stwexserv.systems-that-work.org
MX record for stwexserv.systems-that-work.org
(But if this domain is unnecesary, please tell me.)

Is there anything else that needs to be set?  (other than the port, which I've noted)

Thanks, Roin

Ronald HicksAuthor Commented:
Subdomain at 1and1 is stw-server.systems-that-work.com, not ste etc

Recall that stw-server is the name of my Exchange server in my domain systemsthatwork.local
Ronald HicksAuthor Commented:
I'm still struggling with getting this right, but I'll close this question out since no more information seems to be forthcoming in reply to my further questions.  I'm assuming that the provided information will be helpful in the long run as I discern the as yet missing pieces.  Thanks.
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