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Anti Virus Solution

My question is regarding corporate anti virus solutions.  We are nearing our renewal for AV solution.  I know this type of question can generate 7 different responses from 7 different individuals, but here goes.

We are currently using Trend Micro Office Scan.  I'm new here, so I don't have alot of experience with it, but it seems to do the job.  The admin console seems fine.

I have been looking at Kaspersky, which consumer's product seems to be scoring high in independent tests.


Any opinions on Trend vs Kaspersky for enterprise solutions?  I'm going to download Kaspersky into my test environment and demo, but was wondering if anyone had thoughts surrounding these two products.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

2 Solutions
Nod eset is very good to the point that even when scanning the users are not impacted. Compare this to Mcafee which i had to implement and users are complaining all the time when the live scanner is running.

Its a nightmare when an actual scan is running.
Kaspersky console is awesome. You can do more than just controlling your kaspersky client. We use it to run clean infection and deploy patch/softwarethat are not made by kaspersky.
I've had experience with both Trend AND Kaspersky's enterprise-level solutions and I would encourage a THOROUGH test run with both before you deploy them to your network. You didn't really give any information about your environment (server OS, Exchange?, SQL?) but if any of your users have full internet access, the Trend product may be your better choice between the two. You're correct, you will probably get several different opinions on this topic, but my experience is that Trend provides a better level of protection against spyware and malware than does the Kaspersky product. Both products provide decent personal firewall protection, but honestly, if you need network firewall protection, I would recommend a firewall appliance. The personal firewalls take up quite a few system resources and they increase your management requirements.  Having said that, you need to determine whether or not the server or your workstations will require any resource updates prior to deployment, which makes the testing even more important. Finally, and here's the real curve ball, I would encourage you to look into Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 as part of your test program. Yes, it requires a lot of server resources, yes, it has led to a lot of people pulling their hair out, but if you do your research, plan your deployment properly and test, test, TEST, the Endpoint product will give you better protection than the two you're looking into. The Zero Day protection and heuristics engine provides really strong anti-virus AND anti-spyware protection. The management console makes it easy to monitor your clients and change policies on the fly. And their enterprise support is top-notch so don't scrimp on it. I hope some of this will help you in determining your best course of action and I wish you luck!
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We use symantec in our environment and the management console works great.  We also find that it keeps just about everything off the computers...since we installed it our virus computers have dropped down to maybe 1 instead of 20 or 30 every time a virus scare goes around.  
Mike GrizzlePC/LAN TechnicianCommented:
I recommend Panicware's Popup Stopper Professional. They got good reviews from cNet, Newsweek, NBC, USA Today, and Time. They provide free technical support, and offer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. Plus it is not such a memory hog like most other anti-virus/Anti-Malware programs.

Click below
Panicware's Popup Stopper Pro
popup stopper is more of a spyware blocker and is not really intended for use in a corporate environment...I believe that their licensing is home use...the software may be titled "professional", but the licensing only covers one computer...  

For the original question on AV software, you may also want to look into Avast Corporate/Business editions (http://www.avast.com/security-software-business#tab2).  I have used Avast Free for home for years and have never gotten any viruses (knock knock knock)...and I have tried the trial of the business and the integration seems quite nice...not sure on that pricing or how many client computers you are covering...but you may want to add that to the list to check out.
Depending on your environment I'd highly recommend looking at Sophos.  We switched last year because we were constantly fighting antivirus solutions on our software development machines.  We've found that Sophos has had the least amount of impact on performance on these and all of our servers ranging from 2003 to 2008 R2.  Also have it running on XP and 7 x86 and 64 bit.  Probably the number one thing I can say about it aside from a very light foot print is that we've seen better results when it comes to prevention of infections in not only the corporate AD member machines but also the machines that are not members that we have very little control over.

We have Exchange 2007, SQL 2008, VS 05, 08 and 10 as well as many proprietary apps that we've developed in house as well as manufacturing automation systems and not seen one adverse affect.

I'm going to second the Sophos nomination from mcetlinski.
Just be sure to enable any mobile devices (laptops) to be able to update when abroad or off the local network.
Kram80Author Commented:
Thank you all for your input.  We are currently evaluating Kaspersky in our production environment and are impressed with the ease of mangement and support we've received from Kaspersky.  We will either be going with Kaspersky or staying with Trend.
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