GPO - Windows 7 Start Menu program list

How do I disable the option to
1. Store and display recently opened programs in the start menu
2. Store and display recently opened items in the Start Menu and the Taskbar

I would like to control this via GPO.

We're running a 2003 domain.
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jhill777Connect With a Mentor Commented:
First you have to have the Group Policy Manager installed on a Windows 7 computer.
>Open Group Policy manager
>Select the OU of users you want to enforce this on
>Create and Link a New GPO
>Expand Preferences
>Expand Administrative Templates
>Expand Start Menu and Taskbar
>Enable "Remove Frequent Programs list from start menu
>Enable "Do not keep a history of recently opened documents.
in your group policy editor, click on user configuration, policies, administrative templates, start menu and taskbar.  There are tons of things you can control from within there.
*Instructions above start under User Configuration, btw.
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*Oh and "preferences" should be "Policies"
cbsbutlerAuthor Commented:
Thanks jhill777 that's taken care of option 2.
What about option 1?
The second to last line of the solution above should take care of option 1 as well.  
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