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Hi there,
Most of the times now our internet speed really slows down.  I found that our ISP is giving us 2Mbps TLS (I do not know what does this mean please explain).  I have about 120 users with windows 7 machines which have to log on at one time, and about 10 servers, my domain is server 2003 ent edition.  Our office has 2 locations and the router  (cisco 2811) resides at one location, we are connected via fibre optics cable.  I am really concerned about the internet speed issues now.
I am willing to buy some more speed from the ISP but will it solve my internet speed issue?
NB: Today from my machine I ran a test online from IE where our network was not that busy and I got:
download 0.62 Mb/s
Upload 10.76Mb/s
Is it a good speed?
Advice please.
amanzoorNetwork infrastructure AdminAsked:
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koudryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may have two problems:

(1) Quality of Service (QoS)

I suspect your QoS design is not working very well,  that is if you have one configured on your Cisco 2800 router.

Assuming you have QoS configured on your router, Internet traffic is the least important because this falls into the default QoS class.  Every other QoS class passes before the default class, so your Internet traffic is sacrificed for other QoS traffic deemed more important. This may include voice traffic (Expedited Forwarding or EF) and Assured Forward (or AF - AF4, AF3, AF2 and AF1).  Voice or EF is the most important traffic and is protected at the expense of the other traffic.

So in brief, if you have QoS configured on your router, you need a network designer with QoS knowledge to review the bandwidth allocated to your Internet queue, the default class.

(2) Extra bandwidth

The second possibility is that your Internet traffic is more than your router can allow.  The problem here is that, your Local Area Network (LAN) is likely to be bigger than your Wide Area Network (WAN), so you have bottleneck.  The Cisco 2800 allows for 100M LAN and a you have a DSL WAN that gives you something like 2M+ downstream and 800k+/- upstream. So you have the users downloading stuff like video, files etc down your 2M downstream, the question is how does your ISP honour that heavy traffic while at the same time letting through application specific traffic?

So buying extra bandwidth may help.  However, buying extra bandwidth may not be the first thing to do. The first to do is to find out if there is a QoS config on the router.  If there is one, then get somebody to tune it. If there is no QoS at all, then get QoS.

The advantage of having QoS is that, if configured properly, will honour your Internet traffic to the maximum permitted committed rate and where there is nothing more important than Internet, the whole committed rate will be given to your Internet traffic.

Then if QoS cannot solve the problem, you may consider buying more bandwidth. Since you have FastEthernet on the 2800 platform, you may consider going for Ethernet WAN that give you up to 100M upstream and downstream.  This is very expensive, and you may have to find another ISP to provide that kind of service, so it is the last resort.

If this post makes any sense to you, I am happy to provide more information.


1. TLS Service 2Mbps provides connectivity at speeds up to and including 2Mbps.
2. I think you should upgrade your internet speed for improving the performance.
Yikes.  Who is your ISP?  2Mbps (2 Megabits per second) is fine for the home user that doesn't do much but slow for a company of your size.  For example, the internet at my house is 12Mbps and we have a 20Mbps line coming into our office with less people than what you have.  Your upload speed doesn't seem right for a 2Mbps line.  Go to and verify your speeds.
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>I have about 120 users with windows 7 machines which have to log on at one time

That is a lot of users for a 10Mbps Internet connection (assuming they are all active at the same [This would be a worst case scenario)

>I am really concerned about the internet speed issues now.
>download 0.62 Mb/s

The is just telling you under under 1Mbps (which is bad assuming a 10Mbps, you have no bandwidth for any type of download).

With that many users, you are dealing with possible malware, spyware, viruses, music downloads, youtube, etc. You will need to use some tools to continue troubleshooting the issue.

You might want to look into wireshark, ntop, and possibly netflow. If you routers are Cisco, you could possibly look into IP accounting, etc. Do you have a network diagram and could you tell us a bit about your network and what type of devices you have?

Your upload speed is typically lower than your download speed.
amanzoorNetwork infrastructure AdminAuthor Commented:
two people:
Sorry I think I may have made a mistake, to clarify here is the contract written down as:
Location                                       Service
YYY  Lakeview Road                  2Mbps TLS
Internet                                          FibreSpeed Silver
Does this mean they are providing us Internet + connection between 2 locations at 2mbps?
Yeah, the TLS is the Transport LAN service that is connecting your two remote networks.
>YYY  Lakeview Road                  2Mbps TLS
>Internet                                          FibreSpeed Silver

that appears that the is:

2Mbps between locations and a fiber connection to the Internet

the speed test that you conducted:
download 0.62 Mb/s

Was that from the remote location?

If you have it setup where people at the remote site have to come through that 2Mbps pipe to the "main office" to get out to the internet, their speeds will be atrocious.  Do the pcpitstop link from wherever your line out to your ISP is to see what your "internet speed" is.
Transport Layer Security (TLS) and its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), are cryptographic protocols that provide security for communications over networks such as the Internet. TLS and SSL encrypt the segments of network connections at the Application Layer to ensure secure end-to-end transit at the Transport Layer.

I would say that your bottle-neck is at the 2MB gateway not your network architecture. Based on your client load alone you have enough demand to warrant upgrading bandwidth.

I would also check with your ISP exactly what speed and duplex is provided by the ethernet of the fiber data link.

We used to have a 10MB LES line from Zen. It would at best resolve 3.5MB. This was upon a test to OOKLA and
As a result we moved on a rec to a new ISP Andrews and Arnold on a 10MB LES Line service. BT terminated a new fiber leaving the old terminations a relic.

At first it looked like a distaster as we oddly resolved less than a meg download and 5-6MB upload.
We investigated this and found that the BT/Telco fiber and ethernet port was set to speed 10
duplex full. Our Cisco ASA outside interface ethernet was set to speed 100 duplex full.

This caused multiple collisions and grounded out our bandwidth.

Once this was configured we have resolved true 10MB up/down since install 3 years ago.
amanzoorNetwork infrastructure AdminAuthor Commented:
Yes its set up like that where people from the remote come to the main office for internet and that is also
another bottleneck.

>>>I would also check with your ISP exactly what speed and duplex is provided by the ethernet of the fiber data link.
Good point I can also check this out.

Yes Qos is configured. I am attaching my show run.  I think its configured properly (again I am not an expert you can guide
by looking at it)

I had a quick look at the config posted but cannot see any QoS config. If QoS is configured, it is not on this machine. So as things stand, you are likely to see problems even with mission critical applications since you have nothing to prioritise your traffic.

Please post if you have further information on the problem.

Good luck

amanzoorNetwork infrastructure AdminAuthor Commented:
Hi something is wrong with the EE website.  I just split the points and now it says I have asked to close the question.  Now I need help with this.
amanzoor has not requested the question be closed as per the comment above.
Hello Amanzoor

the system is a bit wobbly right now I had the same bug the other day, it seems, and splitting points results in a delayed closure of the question. No need to worry. The EE staff know about it and are working on a solution I think.

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