VB.NET 2010 Embed Font

I'm trying to figure out how to embed a font into an application.  I don't want the font to be installed on the user's machine, but rather simply be used in a single control on the form.  I've tried numerous "embed font" code snippets only to run into errors with each one.

Any help appreciated.
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Javin007Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I came up with a method on my own:

Imports System.Drawing.Text
Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices

Public Class FontResource
    Private PFC As PrivateFontCollection = Nothing

    Public Sub New(ByVal Res() As Byte)
    End Sub

    Public ReadOnly Property GetInstance(ByVal Size As Single, ByVal style As FontStyle) As Font
            If PFC Is Nothing Then Return Nothing
            Return New Font(PFC.Families(0), Size, style)
        End Get
    End Property

    Public Function LoadFont(ByVal Res() As Byte) As Boolean
            PFC = New PrivateFontCollection
            Dim fontMemPointer As IntPtr = Marshal.AllocCoTaskMem(Res.Length)
            Marshal.Copy(My.Resources.VeraMono, 0, fontMemPointer, Res.Length)
            PFC.AddMemoryFont(fontMemPointer, Res.Length)
            Return True
        Catch ex As Exception
            Return False
        End Try
    End Function

End Class

Then call the resource by:

        Dim fnt As New FontResource(My.Resources.VeraMono)
        txtSQL.Font = fnt.GetInstance(8, FontStyle.Regular)

If anyone sees a problem with this method, please let me know.
Javin007Author Commented:
That is precisely one of the code snippets I checked out that did nothing but produce errors.
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Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
Javin007Author Commented:
I saw it, but I did not try it for the following reason:

My question:

"I don't want the font to be installed on the user's machine..."

That demo:

"The steps we will do here for the demonstration are:
"Install the font
Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
you need to install it on your development PC but not on other PCs
Javin007Author Commented:
This project is in C#.  I don't have any C# IDEs installed on my system.
Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
you can take FontEmbedding.dll from my zip file!
Javin007Author Commented:
Correction... While this method throws no errors, and does change the size of the text, it does not actually use the embedded font.  >:(
Javin007Author Commented:
Grr.  As it turns out, Textboxes have no "UseCompatibleTextRendering" property.  Still looking for suggestions.
Javin007Author Commented:
No valid answers given.
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