Hide/masquerade internal machine name in SMTP headers

I'm pretty sure this can't be done, but I'd love to hear any kind of suggestion or workaround. I need to do this otherwise my alternative is to rename the internal Windows2003 AD namespace, which I dread thinking about.

I'm also curious as to why our back-end Exchange INTERNAL name and IP shows in the headers whereas the front-end's information displays as what I specify in the SMTP server Advanced properties FQDN setting. The FQDN of the backend server doesn't show in the headers, which is what I want to happen, so I can hide the internal machine name.
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AkhaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you want to remove the message-ID you're only option is to upgrade to exchange 2007/2010 or add a 2007/2010 edge server or do it on your smart host relay (IF possible)

in other terms it is not possible in Exchange 2003
it would really help to tell us what exchange version you are running
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vanbarsounAuthor Commented:
@Akhater: Exchange 2003.

@FDiskWizard: Thanks for the link. Unfortunately I don't have Exchange2007. Any ideas if it could be done w/Exchange 2003?
vanbarsounAuthor Commented:
I should have clarified a little:

What I really need to know is if there's a way in Exchange2003 to hide or not include the Exchange "message-ID" in the headers for outbound SMTP, which contains the internal FQDN, which is still the only place that the internal hostname is showing. OR, if there's a way to alter the displayed FQDN in the message-ID line.
vanbarsounAuthor Commented:
Thanks for verifying that it's not possible with Exchange 2003
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