VMWare Extent Device

If i use Extent Device in VMWare to expand my datastore will it bring down the servers in that store?

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Justin CConnect With a Mentor AWS Solutions ArchitectCommented:
No, you can add an extent to a datastore non-disruptively.  
mlauthAuthor Commented:
I went to Extend Device and i get a ! Warning: The current disk layout will be destroyed. All file systems and data will be lost permanently.

Are we sure?
Justin CAWS Solutions ArchitectCommented:
That message is scary, but what it is refering to is any data on the extent.  Not the current LUN.  Check out this thread on the VMware Communities forum:

mlauthAuthor Commented:
Im doing one as a test with no vm's on it. Now i getting the following error:
failed to update disk partition information

I see a lot of info out there on this. Ill try a few things and keep this updated. Thank you for your help.
mlauthAuthor Commented:
After a rescan on all hosts to see the increased size of LUN the extent worked without data loss. You are correct sir. Thank you again!
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