trying to set up new project from existing project in Rad-7 on new machine

I am trying to set up a new project from an existing project using Rad-7 on a new laptop.

I maintain an existing system, but haven't been doing anything for 6 months and this was my first Java project, so it's all rusty. My Java buddy helped set up everything and now he's gone :-(

The local project files reside on the network at : H:\Rad-7\EDW\src\com\carefirst\edw\dao

Attached are screen shots of the project on the old machine, the local files, and my attempt to set up on the new machine.

I'm sure I'll have other questions on setting up the local web server, data connections, etc., but is there anything I can export out of the old machine into the new to minimize the setup effort ?
Alaska CowboyAsked:
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senthil_sivanathConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes you can use import option from new machine. In import option you can select file system so that all the files in the computer is shown and you can select the files to be imported.
Alaska CowboyAuthor Commented:
ok, I'll give it a shot, thanks.
Alaska CowboyAuthor Commented:
will that get data connections ?
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Alaska CowboyAuthor Commented:
ok, got it working, but seems to be stuck, see attachment, page 3. It's been there for about 15 minutes, it's a very small project.

Alaska CowboyAuthor Commented:
leaving work now, I'll let it run, can check on it when I get home tonight. Thanks for the jump-start.
Alaska CowboyAuthor Commented:
Ok, my project import was a bust on Friday, and again this morning. Not sure what to do.
in attachment, see pages 3 and 4 showing my situation.
Note: on my old machine (that I still have), everything is still good, the project is still working fine in RAD-7.

Alaska CowboyAuthor Commented:
I created some problems when did the import, but I will post some additional questions. You answered the question and it was the right solution, I just screwed it up somehow.
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