Emachines T2885 Audio Driver

This is a question that seems like it should be an easy answer -- but for the life of me I can't find this darn driver!

System: Emachines T2885 (It's not listed on eMachines driver site)

Here's the specs from system information.

Property      Value
Manufacturer      BIOSTAR Group
Model      P4M90-M4
Version      Ver:1.0
Serial Number       
North Bridge      VIA P4M900/CN896/VN896/PT890 Revision 00
South Bridge      VIA VT8237A Revision 00
CPU      Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.80GHz
Cpu Socket      Socket 478 mPGA
System Slots      3 PCI, 1 AGP
Memory Summary      
Maximum Capacity      1024 MBytes
Maximum Memory Module Size      2048 MBytes
Memory Slots      2
Error Correction      None
Warning!      Accuracy of DMI data cannot be guaranteed

I really appreciate the help!

Note: Emachines support pointed me to THIS driver, which doesn't work: Audio_Realtek_5.10.0.5250_XPx86_A
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windows update did not find this? you tried going into device manager,find the device then update driver?
what o/s? I assume xp
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this is a desktop right? I went to emachines drivers and downloads section


selected desktop, t series, checked show all models and found no t2885. closest was t2882 which had a audio driver. judging by the version its the same on as you was told about.
maybe try the next model t2890?
other thing to try is to go to the biostar website and search for  P4M90-M4 and see if you can find the audio drivers there. Being AC 97 I am assuming its built in audio.
david1986Author Commented:
Here's a chat from eMachines... ;)


Sarat Chandra kolachala: Hi, my name is Sarat Chandra kolachala. How may I help you?
 David Birchmier: HI there
 David Birchmier: I"m looking for an audio driver for the T2885
 David Birchmier: I spoke with another rep who pionted me to the: Audio_Realtek_5.10.0.5250_XPx86_A
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Hello, David.
 David Birchmier: Unforutnately that one doesn't work
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: How are you doing today?

 David Birchmier: I'm looking for the one for the Biostar board
 David Birchmier: Doing good -- yourself?
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Fine and thank you very much for asking.

 David Birchmier: The motherboard is a biostar P4M90-p4
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Please dont worry David, I will try my best to support you regarding this issue.

 David Birchmier: Thanks for the help!
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: You are welcome.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: May I know the date of purchase of the computer?

 David Birchmier: Quite frankly I'm not certain. It's a customers computer :(
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: As you are unable to date of purchase of the computer, we are unable to validate the warranty, As a one time best support let me check how may I help you today.

 Sarat Chandra kolachala: I understand that you want the audio driver for your computer. Am I correct?
 David Birchmier: Thanks -- appreciate it
 David Birchmier: Yes you are correct
 David Birchmier: I've tried the: Audio_Realtek_5.10.0.5250_XPx86_A
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: My pleasure.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: May I know the operating system your computer is shipped with?

 David Birchmier: WIndows XP HOME
 David Birchmier: OEM copy is still loaded
 David Birchmier: with XP HOME
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Alright.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Have you changed the operating system?
 David Birchmier: No. It's windows XP home OEM
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Thank you for the information.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: May I place the chat on hold for 3 minutes, while I do a quick research on this issue?
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Is it a desktop?
 David Birchmier: VIA VT8237A = chipset on motherboard
 David Birchmier: Yes it's a desktop :)
 David Birchmier: Yes hold is fine
 David Birchmier: thxs
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Thank you for confirming.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Thank you for being on hold.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: David, unfortunately there are no drivers available for the t2885 model however I will provide you the audio driver for the t2882 model desktop.
 David Birchmier: I've actually tried that one
 David Birchmier: No luck :(
 Sarat Chandra kolachala:  http://global-download.acer.com/GDFiles/Driver/Audio/Audio_Realtek_5.10.0.5250_XPx86_A.zip?acerid=633930994334113036&Step1=Desktop&Step2=T Series&Step3=T2882&OS=X01&LC=en&BC=eMachines&SC=PA_6E
 David Birchmier: Isn't that the darnest situation? That there are no drivers for a eMachines computer that clearly does exist.
 David Birchmier: I wonder if there is an explanation for such a thing?:
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: You may once again try the driver link provided.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: I am confident that this time it will work.
 David Birchmier: I will once again try the driver you suggest
 David Birchmier: However it is for the wrong audio chipset
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Please try to download the audio driver and install it into your computer.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: You can also contact the pay for support team if the issue still persists.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: It was a pleasure to work with you. I thank you for contacting e Machines live chat. My name and Badge ID is gwsi1199.

 David Birchmier: If I wasn't just looking for an audio driver, that would be fine. I'd be happy to pay for support.
 David Birchmier: However I feel is your duty to provide audio drivers in a web accessible format to customers.
 David Birchmier: Does this seem unreasonable by your thoughts?
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you regarding this issue.

 David Birchmier: I have tried the driver you suggested. No luck.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: With your permission may I go ahead and arrange a callback for you from the specialist team “Pay for support” . They would contact you and give more details on the charges and support boundaries.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Note: The call back is not chargeable for you.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: For Setting up a callback may I have the below details.
Telephone Number:
Alternate telephone number:
Best time to call with time zone:
 David Birchmier: No that'll be fine
 David Birchmier: No time for that. Will install an addon card and send eMachines the bill :)
 David Birchmier: Thank you.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: You can definitely explore your own options.
 David Birchmier: I will. I'm sure they will ignore it, but it's funny, eh?
 David Birchmier: At least I can post this on public forums to see if others agree. Public opinion is a wonderful thing.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: It was a pleasure to work with you. I thank you for contacting e Machines live chat. My name and Badge ID is gwsi1199.
 David Birchmier: Darn the days when the web didn't exist!!! There were only 2 outlets for complaints.
 David Birchmier: The company, and your friends.
 David Birchmier: Now the world is your friend ;)
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Thank you.
 David Birchmier: No, thank you!
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Bye and take care.
 David Birchmier: You take care as well!
 David Birchmier: Is there anything else I can help you with tonight?
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: I apologize, nothing.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala has disconnected.
lol. classic conversation when outsourced abroad.

cant believe eMachines aint got a driver.

did u try the biostar website?
david1986Author Commented:
Yes -- thank you! the Biostar website was correct.

I feel like a retard....because I google searched for the mboard and model and it was slightly off. I didn't actually try going through the Biostar site myself -- wasted 2 hours due to laziness. DOH!

Points awarded.
david1986Author Commented:
Ya nailed it.

We all have our moments :) Glad your all sorted now.
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