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Emachines T2885 Audio Driver

This is a question that seems like it should be an easy answer -- but for the life of me I can't find this darn driver!

System: Emachines T2885 (It's not listed on eMachines driver site)

Here's the specs from system information.

Property      Value
Manufacturer      BIOSTAR Group
Model      P4M90-M4
Version      Ver:1.0
Serial Number       
North Bridge      VIA P4M900/CN896/VN896/PT890 Revision 00
South Bridge      VIA VT8237A Revision 00
CPU      Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.80GHz
Cpu Socket      Socket 478 mPGA
System Slots      3 PCI, 1 AGP
Memory Summary      
Maximum Capacity      1024 MBytes
Maximum Memory Module Size      2048 MBytes
Memory Slots      2
Error Correction      None
Warning!      Accuracy of DMI data cannot be guaranteed

I really appreciate the help!

Note: Emachines support pointed me to THIS driver, which doesn't work: Audio_Realtek_5.10.0.5250_XPx86_A
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1 Solution
windows update did not find this? you tried going into device manager,find the device then update driver?
what o/s? I assume xp
this is a desktop right? I went to emachines drivers and downloads section


selected desktop, t series, checked show all models and found no t2885. closest was t2882 which had a audio driver. judging by the version its the same on as you was told about.
maybe try the next model t2890?
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other thing to try is to go to the biostar website and search for  P4M90-M4 and see if you can find the audio drivers there. Being AC 97 I am assuming its built in audio.
david1986Author Commented:
Here's a chat from eMachines... ;)


Sarat Chandra kolachala: Hi, my name is Sarat Chandra kolachala. How may I help you?
 David Birchmier: HI there
 David Birchmier: I"m looking for an audio driver for the T2885
 David Birchmier: I spoke with another rep who pionted me to the: Audio_Realtek_5.10.0.5250_XPx86_A
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Hello, David.
 David Birchmier: Unforutnately that one doesn't work
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: How are you doing today?

 David Birchmier: I'm looking for the one for the Biostar board
 David Birchmier: Doing good -- yourself?
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Fine and thank you very much for asking.

 David Birchmier: The motherboard is a biostar P4M90-p4
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Please dont worry David, I will try my best to support you regarding this issue.

 David Birchmier: Thanks for the help!
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: You are welcome.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: May I know the date of purchase of the computer?

 David Birchmier: Quite frankly I'm not certain. It's a customers computer :(
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: As you are unable to date of purchase of the computer, we are unable to validate the warranty, As a one time best support let me check how may I help you today.

 Sarat Chandra kolachala: I understand that you want the audio driver for your computer. Am I correct?
 David Birchmier: Thanks -- appreciate it
 David Birchmier: Yes you are correct
 David Birchmier: I've tried the: Audio_Realtek_5.10.0.5250_XPx86_A
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: My pleasure.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: May I know the operating system your computer is shipped with?

 David Birchmier: WIndows XP HOME
 David Birchmier: OEM copy is still loaded
 David Birchmier: with XP HOME
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Alright.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Have you changed the operating system?
 David Birchmier: No. It's windows XP home OEM
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Thank you for the information.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: May I place the chat on hold for 3 minutes, while I do a quick research on this issue?
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Is it a desktop?
 David Birchmier: VIA VT8237A = chipset on motherboard
 David Birchmier: Yes it's a desktop :)
 David Birchmier: Yes hold is fine
 David Birchmier: thxs
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Thank you for confirming.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Thank you for being on hold.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: David, unfortunately there are no drivers available for the t2885 model however I will provide you the audio driver for the t2882 model desktop.
 David Birchmier: I've actually tried that one
 David Birchmier: No luck :(
 Sarat Chandra kolachala:  http://global-download.acer.com/GDFiles/Driver/Audio/Audio_Realtek_5.10.0.5250_XPx86_A.zip?acerid=633930994334113036&Step1=Desktop&Step2=T Series&Step3=T2882&OS=X01&LC=en&BC=eMachines&SC=PA_6E
 David Birchmier: Isn't that the darnest situation? That there are no drivers for a eMachines computer that clearly does exist.
 David Birchmier: I wonder if there is an explanation for such a thing?:
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: You may once again try the driver link provided.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: I am confident that this time it will work.
 David Birchmier: I will once again try the driver you suggest
 David Birchmier: However it is for the wrong audio chipset
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Please try to download the audio driver and install it into your computer.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: You can also contact the pay for support team if the issue still persists.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: It was a pleasure to work with you. I thank you for contacting e Machines live chat. My name and Badge ID is gwsi1199.

 David Birchmier: If I wasn't just looking for an audio driver, that would be fine. I'd be happy to pay for support.
 David Birchmier: However I feel is your duty to provide audio drivers in a web accessible format to customers.
 David Birchmier: Does this seem unreasonable by your thoughts?
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you regarding this issue.

 David Birchmier: I have tried the driver you suggested. No luck.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: With your permission may I go ahead and arrange a callback for you from the specialist team “Pay for support” . They would contact you and give more details on the charges and support boundaries.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Note: The call back is not chargeable for you.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: For Setting up a callback may I have the below details.
Telephone Number:
Alternate telephone number:
Best time to call with time zone:
 David Birchmier: No that'll be fine
 David Birchmier: No time for that. Will install an addon card and send eMachines the bill :)
 David Birchmier: Thank you.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: You can definitely explore your own options.
 David Birchmier: I will. I'm sure they will ignore it, but it's funny, eh?
 David Birchmier: At least I can post this on public forums to see if others agree. Public opinion is a wonderful thing.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: It was a pleasure to work with you. I thank you for contacting e Machines live chat. My name and Badge ID is gwsi1199.
 David Birchmier: Darn the days when the web didn't exist!!! There were only 2 outlets for complaints.
 David Birchmier: The company, and your friends.
 David Birchmier: Now the world is your friend ;)
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Thank you.
 David Birchmier: No, thank you!
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: Bye and take care.
 David Birchmier: You take care as well!
 David Birchmier: Is there anything else I can help you with tonight?
 Sarat Chandra kolachala: I apologize, nothing.
 Sarat Chandra kolachala has disconnected.
lol. classic conversation when outsourced abroad.

cant believe eMachines aint got a driver.

did u try the biostar website?
david1986Author Commented:
Yes -- thank you! the Biostar website was correct.

I feel like a retard....because I google searched for the mboard and model and it was slightly off. I didn't actually try going through the Biostar site myself -- wasted 2 hours due to laziness. DOH!

Points awarded.
david1986Author Commented:
Ya nailed it.

We all have our moments :) Glad your all sorted now.
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