Having problems with a 403.6 error code when visiting website

I am trying to find out what is wrong with the website that we have hosted through a provider. When I am at home using IE8, Chrome or Firefox I am unable to access it. It gives me a 403.6 error non authorized IP address IIS ect, but we are using a Linux based server host for are site. I thought that 403.6 error was for a windows based server.

    When I go down the street to the coffee shop I am able to get online and go to the site and they show up. They use a different internet provider then my house does example Verizon vs Charter.

I am not sure why we are unable to see the website when we are at home on the internet with laptop, but if i just go down the street to the coffee shop with the laptop and connect to the internet there it will show the site.
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DalHorinekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Or try to nmap your server

nmap -sV -O the_server and you'll see what is running there.
The response you got is from IIS, don't you have some specific routing settings, that might route you to the IIS server?
Global-DynamicsAuthor Commented:
I would not think it would reroute from the server we have set it up for. The server we asked for was a Linux server and in the c panel(gui for the hosting company) it show it to be a Linux server.
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Can't there be a problem with DNS? Just try pinging the server from home and check if the IP is right.
Global-DynamicsAuthor Commented:
I pinged there DNS from my router and it came back good 4 sent 4 received 0 lost. average about 114ms
The ip address look right. The DNS is only a few numbers diffrent then my server IP.

example DNS 1
               DNS 2

    my shared IP

Is this what you mean by check if IP is right?

I just thought there could be a problem with your provider's DNS so it returns you wrong IP.. The easist way to check if the IP is right is probably to try other service than webserver, e.g. SSH - can you SSH to the server from home?
Global-DynamicsAuthor Commented:
It came back on this morning and i can assess the web pages from anywhere now. I will still try the "nmap -sV -O the_server" to see what is running so if it happens again i may be able to see why. I was able to ssh in to the server.

I am think maybe they were having problems on the server side maybe they had black listed a list of IP's or for some reason. I sent them a email yesterday with some trace-routes of IP's that worked and ones that did not so maybe they did something to fix it on there side.

I still wish I new what was wrong so if it happens again I could fix it, but i guess that is what you get when you get a hosted server rather then running one your self.

Is there a command I could run on the server to see what the differences would be from today to yesterday? Maybe I can see what they did if they did anything at all.
ondrejsimekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That's not that easy.. You can e.g. check the .bash_history file to see what commands have been executed on the currently logged user.. But it's not 100%..
less ~/.bash_history

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