Need Advice on MAC


I need advice on Apple Laptop.
Features in Apple Laptops
How better is Apple than windows.
How many OS does mac have.
which is the best apple laptop to go for

I am very new to MAC.But really interested to try using it.I am a network Engineer and how useful would it be for me.I use Remote desktop to login to my servers in US.

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mac_guruConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your questions are quite broad, you would probably have to be more specific.

>I need advice on Apple Laptop.
Smart Choice.

>Features in Apple Laptops
Quality, construction attention to detail, ease of use, intuitive, problem free, no virus, came with wonderful programs, etc.
They are usually more expensive then PC, but you pay for what you get.

>How better is Apple than windows.
Depends who you talk to, there will be difference in opinions.
But in general, you can have best of both Worlds, that means you can both OS at the same time. You can only run Windows on a PC not Mac.
In most cases, nowadays there is really not much where your Mac isn't capable of doing compare to Windows, so I don't really see a need for Windows.

How many OS does mac have.
Mac came with OS X only (currently Snow Leopard), if you want to run Windows, you will need to get your own Windows copy. You can run  Windows either with free Boot Camp, or with virtualization software, like Parallels Desktop, VMWare Fusion or the Free VM VirtualBox.

which is the best apple laptop to go for
That depends on your budget and purpose.
They usually starts at around $1k up to $2300.
Of course, the more you pay, you get more features and speed.
You have to let us know what would you use it mainly for, and your budget in order to make a suggestion.

If your purpose is mainly just remote desktop, even the lowest end model would do a great job, that leaves screen size as your only determining factor, is 13inch too small for you, would portability a more important factor? I have a 17" MacBook Pro which is amazing for work as well as pleasure, but it is of course harder to carry around.
mac book pro may be a good choice, you may use both windows and mac on it.

But as a network pro, I would recommend you to go for a dell laptop with windows os.
roylongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am a network professional and I administer all of my servers from Mac OS X.  I use the macintosh RDP client from MS to remote desktop, ssh and telnet and FTP etc... are installed out of the box - accessible from the command line (Terminal application on macintosh is equivalent to command in windows except that you have the additional power of Unix under the hood).  I administer windows servers, vmware, Linux and unix from my MacBook.

I would recommend 15" MacBook pro with 8GB ram if you can stretch to that. You can then comfortably run virtualisation app like vmware or parallels if you need that too.  If you need windows installed for any reason you can also load up boot camp which lets you install windows as a dual boot OS on the MacBook do that you have the best of both worlds.  I have my MacBook running mac OS X 10.6.4 and Windows 7 currently, with 8GB ram windows 7 flies.

I also have parallels installed on my mac OS for virtualisation of windows and Linux - it works great.

Plus if you like you digital lifestyle apps (e.g. digital video and photos and music) all the apps come pre-installed on mac OS X.
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Sam2009Author Commented:
Dear Roylong  and Mac Guru,

Both your explanatons turned great!Let me read in thoroughly and get back to you very shortly.

Whatever you get here, would be trifle. My suggestion, get in touch with an Apple Genius @ an Apple Store. If you ask me, if you do not have to run an particular application that require a non-mac go for a Mac. Once you decide, Genius can help you which one is best, All the best :)
@ramabcdefg I think you are selling short the experience of the experts on here.  I have been working with macs since 1991 and have a UK hons degree in biological science.  I now run the GIS department for a mac based research company in the UK.  My point? I think the experts on here are more than qualified to give suggestions on technology requirements.

Next time you are in an Apple store ask the 20 something behind the counter if they could build an Apple IIci from a box full of bits.. ..better still, just ask if they know what a IIci is :)
nappy_dConnect With a Mentor There are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Commented:
While Macs are nice, I still rely on my Windows machine heavily.

The one issue I have with using the mac rdp client in that some application or server installs get affected by the shadow key that is created in a remote desktop session.

If you do go the way of the Mac, you should also get a VNC client to get around this issue.

On your Mac whether or not viruses are prevalent, get an AV software such as Sophos.

If you do a lot of device management via console cables(like Cisco or firmware upgrades on devices), Macs are not a good choice, you have to make sure manufacturers support this or find a rock solid usb to serial port adapter.
Sam2009Author Commented:

Thanks nappy for your suggestion!I would be using mac RDP client to login to my windows servers in US.Please let me know if MAC is a good choice to do Remote control of my servers .

@MAc guru

Thanks a lot for all advices.All were valuable.I am planning to get mac pro 15'' as 13'' would be too small for me to use RDP.Portability is not a main factor.But 17'' is too hefty.15'' would do the job i feel.


I'm on a 17" right now, RDPing to 3 different Windows Servers through VPN... they work nicely! =)
I use my MacBook pro (15") to log in remotely from home, rdp, ssh and web based administration.

In the office I plug into a 24" monitor with external keyboard, power and mouse. I just put my mac in sleep mode in between.
Sam2009Author Commented:
Thanks Roylong macguru and Nappy.

EE rocks!!
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