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I get an ORA-01019 error on Solaris with a new installation of Sage Line 500. How do I solve this error?

This is a new installation of Oracle 11g and Sage L500. When Sage L500 tries to connect to the database,
It gets the error :
ORA-01019: unable to allocate memory in the user side:cannot establish connection to "sys"
Raymond De Kock
Raymond De Kock
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2 Solutions
what is the physical memory on the server, and what is the memory allocation in Pfile,
Raymond De KockManaging DirectorAuthor Commented:
Hi Bawer,
How can I determine these values from the command line please?
Raymond De KockManaging DirectorAuthor Commented:
The memory on the server is 32GB. Got this from prtconf -v
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Raymond De KockManaging DirectorAuthor Commented:
SGA target in pfile is sga_target=2080374784, pga_aggregate_target=943718400
Is there anything else you require?
Raymond De KockManaging DirectorAuthor Commented:
The following is from the SGA in Oracle:
SQL> select * from v$sga;    

NAME                      VALUE
-------------------- ----------
Fixed Size              2149632
Variable Size         620761856
Database Buffers     1426063360
Redo Buffers           22716416
Raymond De KockManaging DirectorAuthor Commented:
Uninstalled the Client 10.2 and installed client 9.2 and it worked fine.
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