Cloud based backup vs Simple External Harddrives FAQ

I'm currenlty hired to support a small private school.
They have no backup practices implemented currently.
In their administration office they have 5 XP desktops (1 of them acting as the main file server for the rest of the desktops to access). These are the 5 we need to back up.

A Full backup would most likely be less that 50Gb.  A lot of that is pictures/Publisher files and other MS Documents that are created and then archived.

Price and ease of use are our biggest hurdles.
What do you guys suggest?  Is there VERY simple, inexpensive, external hard drive out there that will do incremental/full backups?  Is the "Cloud" an option?

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awawadaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For a small school we are useing mozy.
I agree with awawada, I am a consultant as well and have setup several clients with MOZY. For 50GB you'll be looking at close to $30 per month. A small price to pay for peace of mind. I would be wary of only having a backup on an external drive. I couldn't count the number of these drives that I have seen fail. At the very least if that is the chosen option I would have multiple drives and rotate them. At least that way you (hopefully) won't lose the DATA in a catastrophe.
Good Luck
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I agree with previous comments. With the ability to present data lines there's nothing like a clud backup.
GWitekAuthor Commented:
I like the idea of using Mozy (cloud) because it takes care of the Off-Site hurdle.
However, the idea of selling them on $360 a year will be tougher than it sounds. I know it's a good deal, but the customer is very particular with expenses like this. It's similar to selling insurance plans :)
Do they have any competition? I remember hearing about Amazon having fairly cheap backup solutions.
*** Hopeleonie ***IT ManagerCommented:

I also use Mozy commercial (for small customers) and personal. Especially in private, it is incredible. No storage limite!

You must make it clear. Security (from hackers ect.) and data security very important today. If the customer does not want it, then we make a written contract.

Customer is the king... :-)

After i set a cheap FTP server. This is the cheapest solution.
Having done a quick search the only other service I would consider is from LogMeIn. They're big in remote assistance type products and now it appears they offer remote backup as well. I would be wary of smaller companies, it's part of knowing where your DATA is and I believe those with the reputation will serve you best. IMO MOZY is still the best option.
I would recommend both onsite and offsite backup.
I've used carbonite online backup for several years and the cost is cheap per PC license about £25 a year.  I have found them to be very reliable
I have also used for serveral years for remote services (not the backup service) but I would say they are very reliable and their support is very good.
I would still look to take a few manual backups to store locally each week as these would be quicker to restore than an online restoration of data due to broadband vs HDD speeds
GWitekConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I've been doing some comparisions and found SugarSync to be the best cost and has fairly good ratings. I will let you know what I find out.
GWitekAuthor Commented:
Actually the comparing was done with a bunch of different IT professionals...BUT they are consistent! Great news! Thanks!
GWitekAuthor Commented:
SugarSync Wins.
Giving the points to myself and  awawada for the great comparision table.
GWitekAuthor Commented:
Found SugarSync to be very afforable and excellent ratings
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