DNS on server 2008 won't take over for DNS on old 2003 server

We have migrated from server 2003 to server 2008.

Everything replicated and FSMO roles have been moved.

DNS works great on server 2008 but once we turn off the old server 2003 and then reboot server 2008 DNS stops working and when you try opening DNS on server 2008 it says it cannot find the old server 2003
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How is the DNS zone setup? Is it set up as a secondary server pointing to the primary 2003 or is the zone set as AD integrated?
Can you post the exact error message recieved or screenshot, the error when opening the console may just be it has both servers saved in your MMC and is trying to connect to them both when opening.
tcompAuthor Commented:
The DNS zone is set to Active Directory Integrated.

Basically the server 2008 box doesnt know any ogf its DNS zones or records until it contacts another DNS server aka one of the two old DNS servers.
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Are the old server and new server both DC's as well? If you look on the old 2003 DNS server where it shows the zone is AD integrated which of the following options is selected?

•To All DNS Servers In The Active Directory Forest option: Zone data is replicated to all DNS servers running on domain controllers in the Active Directory forest.

•To All DNS Servers In The Active Directory Domain option: Zone data is replicated to all DNS servers running on domain controllers in the Active Directory domain.

•To All Domain Controllers In The Active Directory Domain option: Zone data is replicated to all domain controllers in the Active Directory domain.
tcompAuthor Commented:
It replicates to all servers and both are DCs
Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
I share your pain, but here is the solution to your problem.

1. Since the server only works when the other server is up simply means you did every thing right pat on the back.

2. Fire up both server ensure 2008 server gets a replica of the 2003 dns forward and reverse lookup zone {if you have reversed}. Click on the DNS in the 2008 server to see start of authority SOA and make sure all dns cache files ARE ON 2008 SERVER.

3.Go to sytem32 on 2008 server I.E {system32/dns} and make sure the files where actually ported over if they are there, that is a good sign.

4.Go back to DNS on server 2008 and right click on forward zone look up and then click transfer from master depending on the file size it may be a long wait, however when it is done you will know if you right click again on forward zone the tranfer from master will be grayed out.

5.Go to SOA on sever 2008 find the entry for your current DNS (2003} server and delete it, if the dns server was also AD, then delete the entry.

6. ON server 2008 click dns go to forward zone expand it and right click on domain name, go to properties, click on the general tab and then click change, it will ask to make primary or secondary or stub, choose primary, then next then allow secure and non secure updates then click ok.

7.ON 2003 DNS server right click on the DNS go to task and click on stop.
so we stop server 2003 from performing DNS. please note I SAID STOP THE DNS SERVICE DO NOT UNINSTALL IT OR SHUT DOWN THE SERVER.

8. ON server 2008 click on DNS and go task the click on start if it is already started, click on restart, after it restart go to run and issue this command (MAY NOT BE NECESSARY BUT I ALWAYS DO IT ANYWAYS) gpupdate.exe /f.

9.Wait for the server to sync up which is about five minutes, go grab a coffe, go to another computer or if you have a laptop, try bring up yahoo.com or some other site, if the page pops up you're good to go. IF NOT PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING assuming when u set up the new server you pointed it to ur current dns server, well POINT IT TO ITSELF and for every equipment that was static mapped to the 2003 DNS now needs to point to your new DNS server especially your gateway router or firewall.


pS if the new server works with the above solution then you can start the decommissioning process of server 2003.

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Is the 2008 server configured to use itself for DNS lookups?
Hi tcomp,

As you said your zones are Active Directory Integrated on win 2008 then should not be contact to win 2003 for any queries.

Also the win2008 point itself as primary DNS server in NIC configuration.

Also please post dcdiag /test:dns result of win2008.

And you turn off win2003 means have you demoted it? if yes then you need to perform metadata cleanup, also need to remove win 2003 references from win 2008 DNS.

tcompAuthor Commented:
The problem was a registry key we had to add to stop the syncronization to other servers on boot and it worked. Had to phone Microsoft and they remoted in and did that to fix it.

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Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
Well since you didn't try or checked back before you called MS, it should be given points for the time spend helping you when you post the message.
tcompAuthor Commented:
The points are for fixing issues not trying and this was mission critical.
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