Setting up AX150 SAN

I am in the process of setting up a test lab with one 32 bit Windows 2008 Server and an AX150.  The server has 2 HBA's.  They are both QLogic QLA2342 with the latest 1.54 bios updates.  The HBA's are directly cabled to the storage ports, so no switches are involved.  HBA 1 is connected to port SP-A0.  HBA 2 is connected to SP-B0.  The AX150 Flare OS has the latest update.  I installed PowerPath 5.2, and Navisphere Server utility on the server.   I am having a problem with PowerPath not recognizing the second HBA.  They both show up in the Navisphere Express SAN web gui, but only SP - A0 shows in PowerPath on the server.  

I have tried another cable, another identical HBA with latest BIOS, but no luck.  The LED's on both HBA's are solid green, no amber lights.  

From what I'd read this should be bundled/licensed with  PowerPath for free to do load balancing and failover.  

Is there anything special you need to do in PowerPath to get it to see the second HBA?  

Will the fail over work automatically once it sees the other adapter?  I've tested it out by taking out the cable of SP-A0 and SP-B0 does not take over, rather the drives will dissappear until I put the SP-A0 cable back in.  

Am I missing something here?
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daumanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
log into the ax150 directly (web interface) and check under connections that both are registered and active.

from what you show it would seem that either you have a bad cable (would explain the error)
or you dont have both fibre channel's active and registered.
both should show up in the powerpath utility.
i would check your device manager to make sure both are installed and working fine with drivers under the scsi and raid controlers section.
also if HBA1 shows up in the power path and HBA2 does not, try switching the cables between the two around.
fiber cables are touchy and delicate.
I would work with 1 cable first, plug it into the sans and HBA1, make sure that works.
then plug that into HBA2, make sure that works.
that would verify the sans ports are working,
then do the opposite for the cards to make sure they are working as well.
after that use the other cable.

under the powerpath you should see it, (see attached)

B1izzardAuthor Commented:
Here is what device manager shows.  The drivers are all the identical version ( for the QLogic Fibre Channel Adapters.  FYI, I forgot to mention these were dual port, which is why it shows the 4 entries.  
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B1izzardAuthor Commented:
I tried switching the SP A and B cables, but get errors.  Here is what PowerPath shows currently:

B1izzardAuthor Commented:
The Connections shows 2 connections:
HBA1    A-0 Active
HBA2    B-0 Active

I will try a third cable.

Looking in the components section, it shows:

Storage Processor B                         100-561-403            normal
Uninterruptible Power Supply            Not Available            Empty  (I do not have one installed)
Storage System                                 100-561-403            Faulted

Would not having a UPS stop SP B from functioning?   I just bought this, so perhaps SP B is defective?
B1izzardAuthor Commented:
Weird, but I just decided to move the not working adapter to another PCI-X slot and it now appears.   I can now see both in PowerPath, but the status is degraded.  I will play around with it for a few hours to see if I can get the failover working and will let you know.  Thanks for helping me on this one, I really do appreciate it.
B1izzardAuthor Commented:
Well it appears that the degraded one was likely just the left over of the one I pulled and moved to another slot that likely needs to be deleted from the PowerPath console, since both adapter both show SP A and no mention of SP B.  

I do see a warning on the Attention Required screen:
Navisphere Express can no longer manage the other storage processor (peer) in this storage system because of a software failure.  To correct the problem, first verify that you have a working path from each server to a port on both SPA and SPB, then reboot.  If you do not, stop I/O from the server(s) and then reboot the unmanaged peer SP so that you do not lose access to your data.
B1izzardAuthor Commented:
In the manual it shows 2 commands when configuring PowerPath.  This is from the manual:  

Verifying that PowerPath for Windows sees all paths to the virtual disks
1. On the server, configure PowerPath:
powermt config
2. On the Windows taskbar, either double-click the PowerPath
Administrator icon or right-click the icon and select PowerPath
3. In the results pane, verify that the path metric for each virtual disk
is n/n where n is the total number of paths to the virtual disk.

Then it goes on to say:
Saving the PowerPath configuration
Save the server’s PowerPath configuration with the following
PowerPath command: powermt save.
The powermt save command creates the powermt.custom
configuration file.

Is this necessary?  
thats not a step that i ever did.

it couldn't hurt to try that.

I think in the other thread you mentioned that you upgraded the firmware on that unit.. yes?
B1izzardAuthor Commented:
Every HBA is a QLA2342 with the 1.54 bios and all the identical drivers in device manager.  The AX150 has the lastest Flare OS as well.  

I am installing Server 2008 on another box to try it with that.  I have 2 identical Dell Poweredge 1400SC servers, which aren't officially supported, but I figure if you have the HBA's, drivers, and software (Server Utility, PowerPath,etc), I can't see why the server wouldn't work.  
B1izzardAuthor Commented:
It is finally working.  I had QLogic Sansurfer, Starwind iSCSI, and some other storage software on there, so I removed all of it, removed PowerPath, rebooted, reinstalled PowerPath, and now it finally sees SP B.  I did a failover test and it worked as well.  

Is there any reason to ever install Sansurfer for the AX150?  
B1izzardAuthor Commented:
i am glad it is working, i never had a reason to use the sansurfer. between the powerpath and the web interface on the sans, it pretty much does everything you need.
B1izzardAuthor Commented:
Ugh.  It showed up, worked, then disappeared again and stopped working.  I will open another question on this specific problem.
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