Forest Trust on windows server 2008 DCs

I have two different forests for the same company that i need to consolidate, my objectives is simple access on both forests that allow me to share data and other benefits, please help me to implement the best solutions with what benefits i can get for each solution, for simplicity the suggestion was to implement Forest Trust on window server 2008 DCs between these two forests so i need to know if this solution has any complications and issues.
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StinkyPeteConnect With a Mentor Commented:

There are a number of issues to consider, try starting here to get a handle on trusts.
You will need to know the forest function level of the two forests.

Trusts are not the only way to share data, you might also like to consider Microsoft's Active Directory Federation Services, see here

JHallidayChief Technical OfficerCommented:
Do you need to retain both forests or is this to aid a migration ?
Both of the suggestions I have made above, will result in changes to both forests, sufficient to warrant careful consideration. Neither of these suggestions are trivial in implementation or consequence, and I strongly recommend you read the documentation from the URLs I have posted above.

To answer your question directly,
Both suggestions are not intended to be a transitional state of forest consolidation, and are solutions by themselves.

MalekhasanAuthor Commented:
I am looking for any type of connection on Forests level so i can share data and get some sort of benefits.
MalekhasanAuthor Commented:
I was looking for other options that can full fill my requirements.
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