windows 2003 cluster migration to windows 2008

we have two cluster servers which is running in windows 2003 enterprise edition with sp2 which connected EMC clarrion cx3 20 storage. this is having file share. The existing OS have issue,we want to migrate the existing cluster setup on fresh new windows 2008 servers. Please let me know the procedure to do it with storage configuration in windows 2008.

The server hardware is power edge 2950 server.
multipath software: power path
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thakurdineshConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Follow these two links, you should be good to migrate. between OS

Migrating cluster

Migrating File Servers
semmalAuthor Commented:
thanks thakurdinesh. i  will check in detail and post the query if i have any doubt
semmalAuthor Commented:
The url is very usefull to complete the migration
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