Can I run Vista Minesweeper game in Windows XP?

I would like to know if it is possible to install Vista's (or Win 7) version of Minesweeper on a Windows XP machine & run it? The Vista version has alot of features that make the game much more enjoyable.

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DaxitConnect With a Mentor Commented:

it seems that on this sit you can find what you need:

Try it out at your own risk by the way, I did not have the time to check them, also I suggest you to scan the files with an antivirus before installation.

The site have a good reputation, but do scan the files anyway.

Let us know if it works or not...

Yes you can get Vista games on XP but you must download this file first: Vista.Emulation.DLL

BTW, except Chess.
You may download Vista.Emulation.dll for legally licensed software only.
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BlinkrAuthor Commented:
Daxit, thanks for the link. It was one of those "wait 45 seconds for the free download" sites & there were 3 downloads. After doing the install, it didn't work all that well. But so far it is the only solution I've seen to get these games to play at all. Thanks again!!
BlinkrAuthor Commented:
jimyx, this "Vista.Emulation.dll" file is included in the download files at the link that Daxit posted. Thanks for taking to time to post an answer anyway.
Here you are Blinkr

Have fun.

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