Legacy Exchange ActievSync not working

I installed my first Exchnage 2010 server with CAS, HT and MB role. My users are still on Exchnage 2007 Sp2 server. OWA is working perfectly fine for legacy as well as Exchnage 2010 test user. But ActiveSync is not working for Exchnage 2007 users. It is working fine for Exchnage 2010 test user though. Also I noticed that ActiveSync works fine with legacy.domain.com url inplace of main url (mail.domain.com). I have entered https://legacy.domain.com in extrenal url for activesync. Any ideas for this behaviour.?
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jmlsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It was a conflict permission issue where Exchnage server was made  member of Exchnage Org group which had denied permission on mailboxes. Once that was addressed and server rebooted, everything started working like a charm.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Are you sure its not working for all users? or is it just not working for admins? thats a known glitchPetewww.petenetlive.com
jmlsAuthor Commented:
I have few complaints from users as well as admins..so its not working on iphone as well as blackberries..
what is the result for the URL
https://<domain-name.com>/microsoft-server-activesync and see if you are receiving the
HTTP 501/HTTP 505  
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