need multifunction printer already have a color laser

I have a small business, with printers at work and of course at home. The HP G95 we had has died, and I am looking for a multifunction printer to replace it. The G95 was ok, but sure ate ink cartridges.
We have a Dell 5100 color printer, so we have the high print volume covered off. What  i am looking for is something that we will use for the copy scan and a few fax side of things
Although I understand Laser is much cheaper to operate, I do want somethnig that can give us better color printing, for some photos etc.

Some of the feature I am looking for are:
great scanning resolution and color
duplex scan and print
color copy
reasonable ink prices, or third party cartridges available
software that doesn't load down the pc
good scanning software, archival and searchable PDF's
ethernet port
Drivers available for Windows 7, XP and the future
Price range 300-750
If there is a laser model that has excellent print quality then I would consider it.We don't do many picture prints but find the dell is just ok for color photo's
Another dedicated photo printer is also an option, Between the business and 3 kids in school, we do a lot of printing.

I am considering the HP inkjet 8500 wireless as a possible model, as it's on sale for 299
I am not sure if I am better off looking at a Canon, Epson or Brother or even Dell model for better S/W or functionality.

I have spent quite a few hours searching the web, and reading articles, but with th evast quantity of printers out there, I am struggling to make this decision, so any input is appreciated.


Possible printers I have
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For business use, I would not ever consider an inkjet: they're slow and expensive to run. A 16ppm laser will always beat a 30ppm inkjet in speed. Even for home use I'm not sure why you'd buy inkjets. Sure, they print much better photos (on expensive photo paper), but they'll cost you 80 cents for a 6" x 4" while you can get them commercially printed for 15 cents (Australian prices). Lasers also print much better on plain paper.

Have a look at the Xerox Phaser 6180MFP/D.

It's networked, so it will print and scan across the network and won't need expensive scanning software. As it supports PCL and PostScript, drivers will be available with any future version of the OS. It also works fine with Mac, Linux, etc. See:

I also like the Samsung CLX 6620FX. See:
         Please see below the dell model Dell 3115cn multifunction colour laser printer w/Duplexer
ddp1960Author Commented:
not enough details thanks
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