Where can I find a On-screen Motion Detector?

I am in need of an on-screen motion detector.  Is there such a thing?
Here is the situation.  I am looking at a very very strange kind of security setup.  I had no involvement in this setup, let me say that right off the bat.  There are a number of rooms, 10+ that I have seen so far.  Each has a security camera that is monitoring each of different rooms, but mostly just the entrance to the room.  The cameras and software hook up to the security office computers.  BUT... thats about all they do.  There is basically on and off.  Even record is handeled through a seperate application.  Also hooked up are sensors that monitor the tempreature of the rooms, and wires that measure weight or pressure in a four foot square entering each room.

They dont want to spend anything additional on this mish-mashed security setup.  The security cameras dont monitor the whole room, and if someone enters, even though the weight sensor will display the change momentarily as someone steps on the panel.... if the guard isn't looking at the screen, nothing happens.  There is no alarm triggered by stepping on the panel.  Its more like a giant scale.  It'll tell you the weight when you step on it, and return to zero when you are off it.  The tempreature sensors seem the most useless.  Unless someone who enters sets the room on fire.  

Anyhow... the solution that I first suggested to make use of this crazy system is to get a software program that would alert the guard of a change in the weight.  So what they need is something that can monitor a small part of the computer screen, and play simple wave sound, or alarm sound, when the number on the weight changes.  It doesn't necessarily have to read the numbers, just play an alarm when the zero changes to something else.  Usually there 4-8 rooms up on the monitor.  Below each window are two boxes, one displaying tempreature, one displaying the weight.  I need something to scan the box with the weight, normally read out as zero, and play an alarm when it changes.  So basically a motion detector for your monitor.

Hope this all makes sense.  Any and all suggestions are appreciated.
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If you are looking for something like this:

Then I would adjust your online search criteria to something like
xp detect video motion

...change your OS accordingly if need be.

There are lots of video motion detection softwares out there.
The first thing to do, of course, is to look into the native software/appliance features for the camera systems... most camera systems today have features built in for detection motion, even granularly on screen, and reporting about it.

I do not think you will find a shrink wrapped solution.  

The closest thing I can think of would be screen capture software that would allow you to stream video of the screen.  The stream would then have to be looked at for changes much the same as a IP camera stream is watched.  To get this working may be overly complex and not all that reliable.

Though not a shrink wrapped solution,  a programmer could sort this out for you pretty fast by making a utility to hook into the programs you use.  So essentially you tap into the screen updates for specific things on the display - like the edit box the weight is displayed in.  The utility just watches the system and when a update to the weight box is called you detect it and trigger a sound or whatever.

Here's an example that may help you get an idea of what I'm talking about,


Downside is if you don't have any programming skills/tools you would have to get somebody to do it.  The upside is this method is very reliable and simple.  I am also assuming it is a windows based computer.

Other options may be to tap into the signals from the weight scales directly and monitor for changes.  Or use video motion on the video from the cameras or from the recording system.  Would need to know more about the equipment to really say what could be done,  like the make/model of the recorder and weight gear.

The setup is not so crazy,  just poorly though out.  Focusing camera's on the doors gets better quality pictures for identification.  The temperature sensors would quickly alert somebody if a fire started in any of the rooms.  Weight sensors are hard to fool,  the idea may have been to match weight for identification as well.  It just kinda falls flat if there is nothing to alert the guards when these things occur so they can wake up and respond.

There probably would be more cost effective ways to have done the system from the start though.  Who knows what the motivations were for the layout in the first place though.
Was looking into a project the other day that involved automating some data input.  I came across this this very powerful scripting tool which would allow you to watch the controls for the change in the weight text,  without having to have development experience or tools.  It's also free.


It also includes a tool to allow you to identify the windows and controls on the screen for any program. There is a bit of a learning curve but there is a very active community forum as well as good documentation with examples.

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