Does disabling shadow copy on a Windows 2003 server revert files to a previous time?

Does disabling shadow copy on a Windows 2003 server revert files to a previous time?

Or just delete previous versions of the file?

That you all for your input.
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Gatherer_HadeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Neither.  But it probably isn't a good idea to disable that. VSS is used by backup software so that it can backup files that are normally kept open and locked or are changing constantly.

read more about it here:
evil_hitmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Disabling it will not restore files.
It will stop you from being able to backup or restore files.

My understanding is that if you turn off shadow copy, all previous VSS backups will be removed.

jaesoulAuthor Commented:
I am just aiming to troubleshoot a few issues surrounding VSC.

Thank you for feed back.

Just to confirm, when disabling a VSC on a particular volume (My computer> properties> shadow copy)

It will not revert any files to a previous version.

Thank you, just looking for final confirmation
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it wont revert to earlier versions of files
jaesoulAuthor Commented:
Evil... Thank you.

jaesoulAuthor Commented:
They helped and confirmed. That is all foiks thank you
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