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Image File Search

Hello Folks,

I have a folder that contains about 2100 images and within that same folder id like to retrieve about 500 of those images only, id like to know if theirs a technique/Software/Utility that can be used to search for and find all the specified images that i'm looking for?. instead of searching for them 1 by 1..
Eaddy Barnes
Eaddy Barnes
3 Solutions
That depends on how you'll search for them?

By whats in the image only? Or by name, date etc?
Are you thinking of a sofware solution like this http://www.popsnail.com/media-management/sort-photos-now.html#

Eaddy BarnesITAuthor Commented:
@athomsfere by name, because the dates will generally be the same..
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By name, even windows search can help.

* as a wildcard.

So if all your images you want are named xxxxxxLilTommyBDayxxxxxxxxxxx  Where the Xs are random text, search for something like *LilTommy* and it will return any pictures with LilTommy in the name somewhere.
i use following command to search files from windows command line. you can use it too.

dir *.jpg/w/a/s/p/o
dir "imagename.jpg"/w/a/s/p/o

output to text file
dir *.jpg/w/a/s/o > listofimages.txt

/s - Displays files in specified directory and all subdirectories.
/w - Uses wide list format.
/a - Displays files with specified attributes.
/p - Pauses after each screenful of information.
/o -  List by files in sorted order.
Eaddy BarnesITAuthor Commented:
OK using the * would search for all *.extension or *.whatever trails the astericks.. but my problem isn't the fact that i want to just find images, I want to find only certain image names within a haystack of other images..

1) Let me try to be more specific.. I have over 2k images in a folder.
2) Within that folder are about 187 images that i need to find.
3) the image names aren't similar where i could search by the first part of the image name or last part.jpg.
4) the images are a mix of lower & upper case letters, numbers, underscores & even the (.) period are in some.
5) I have the list of image names that i want from that folder but i can only search the folder 1 image at a time from windows
6) I wanted to know if theirs a way or software that  i could drop all those image names into and the program would find the images that im looking for and then i could just copy them all at the same time from the folder giving me exactly what im looking for.
OK, a vbs script would work best, I will try to look at this a little later and build a script for it.

Basically you can open the list as a txt file for read, and copy that way for each.
Eaddy BarnesITAuthor Commented:
ahhhh athomsfere, thanks for the effort, i appreciate it..
This should get us headin in the right direction.

Time constraints have delayed this, and so far I have not had a chance to test.
Need to paste the work I suppose!

Const ForReading = 1
Dim fso, txtFile1

Set txtFile1 = fso.OpenTextFile("ListofPics.txt", ForReading)

Do Until txtFile1.AtEndOfStream
set filesys=CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
If filesys.FileExists("c:\sourcefolder\anyfile.html") Then
   filesys.CopyFile "c:\sourcefolder\anyfile.html", "c:\destfolder\"
End If
Eaddy BarnesITAuthor Commented:

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