Exchange 2007 RSG

I am trying to follow this (lie) document:

I am trying to get an RSG to work and restore a deleted mailbox (same user account) where the retention time has passed and the mailbox is no longer in the dumpster. So i created an RSG using the Disaster Toolbox and was able to use backup exec to restore the data to the RSG.

However, every time i try to recover the mailbox (user name "Roberts lab") the process fails with mailbox not found, then if i recreate the mailbox and try to recover it i get error "mailbox "guid number"" cannot be found. SO i am burned either way.

This cant be that hard, what am i missing? All i want to do is recover the mailbox from an RSG to a newly created mailbox (Same user account).  
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Malli BoppeCommented:
I think in your case you need to export the mail and import the mail.As you have deleted the maibox and tried to recreate it the GUID would be different.Check the below link 
Did you move the mailbox to a real message store, then try reconnecting it to a user?
I haven't done a restoer in a little while, so my memory is sketchy on the whole process.

This (method #2) says it better than I can:
castellansolutionsAuthor Commented:
This is the error that i am getting:

Error restoring the mailbox (/O=FIRST ORGANIZATION/OU=EXCHANGE ADMINISTRATIVE GROUP (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=BRENDAFOWLER). Error message is: The specified mailbox "e61eafe9-0a92-4233-b3fc-6c7f09087bbe" does not exist on database "WINSVR2\Recovery Storage Group\Mailbox Database"..

This is what confuses me:

I did exactly the following:

1. Ran Full backup - backup exec
2. Created new RSG
3. Restored Data to RSG
4. RSG was then mounted and accessible
5. Deleted users mailbox Note: Not users windows account
6. Tried to restore, got error "Mailbox not found or something like that"
7. Created new Mailbox and then got the above error.

Ooops, you said Exchange 2007
This has details...
castellansolutionsAuthor Commented:
It looks like petri is only restoring items form the boxes though not the whole box. If thats the case then what kind of a solutions doesnt allow for a restore to a different mailbox? Is that correct?
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