SQL Server 2008 x64 Enterprise Evaluation apply a full licence

When I installed an SQL Server 2008 x64 Enterprise I used the 180 day Evaluation licence. How do I now apply a volume licence to the product?
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indianguru2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
PeterSingerAuthor Commented:
The previous post is saying going from an evaluation to a full volume license Evaluation cannot be done.
Has anyone done it, or is it in fact not possible?
PeterSingerAuthor Commented:
With respect, a volume license is a very different thing.  I can change the license code no problem. The issue is that a volume license install does not come with a code, it is a different install altogether than a retail product install. The article you are pointing me to does not deal with a change from a retail license to a volume license.
Microsoft and many sites say that the only way to move from a retail license to a volume is to wipe the box and do a clean install.
If you are not talking from experience with a volume license this will not work.
PeterSingerAuthor Commented:
To do this from a retail version to a volume version, just use the disk from the volume version on the retail install of the product and it will change the license.
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