How to update XP "version 2002" OEM CD to SP3

I want to install the latest service pack when installing XP OEM version, from new XP Professional OEM CDs, which are marked as "Version 2002".

How can I make/get a CD image so that I install the latest SP3, rather than the older version? Or do I do something else?

Though I was told they were SP3, as they are marked Version 2002, does this mean they are not SP3?
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logicalcConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
In the end it seemed easier just to install XP without service packs and then install the service packs.

*** Hopeleonie ***IT ManagerCommented:
You can order or create your own xp service pack cd.

how to create your own cd:
- with nLite
- or by Slipstreaming the sp 3
*** Hopeleonie ***IT ManagerCommented:
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*** Hopeleonie ***IT ManagerCommented:
1. Download nLite :
2. Copy your current Windows XP disk to the hard drive in a directory called "WindowsXP2002"
3. Download Service Pack 3 for Windows 3
4. Open nLite and select the path where you just saved your original Windows XP Cd contents (ie, the WindowsXP2002 directory)
5. Tell nLite to do a Service Pack slipstream and create a Bootable ISO
6. Select the SP3 service pack, it will then integrate into Windows
7. Create the Bootable Windows ISO
8. Burn to a CD!  

Look carefully at the CD. It should tell you the Service Pack number. Version 2002 just means that it is the 2002 release of XP and has nothing to do with the service pack.

This page will tell you what version the XP CD is based on it's volume label and other info. It has information on SP1,SP2, and SP3. It includes OEM, Retail, and Volume License CD's.
Let's start at the beginning.... no, your disks are for the original version with no services packs installed
Normally, you'd just download and install SP1, SP2, and SP3.  You can do this "live" over the Internet, or  you can download an "ISO" file which you can make into a CDROM yourself.  Another option is to order the CDROMs from Microsoft (for a modest fee).
Yes, you can create a "slipstream" version of the Service Pack disk which combines all of the 3 service packs together onto a single disk.
I you planned to install this only once, then I wouldn't recommend you go through the bother of creating a slipstream disk...
I disagree.

I'm looking at a sealed OEM XP Professional CD right now.

It states that it is version 2002. It also states that it "... includes service pack 3." Again, you need to look carefully at the CD to see what service pack, if any, it is. Place the CD in a drive and go to My Computer. It should show you the volume Label. Post that label here, or look it up on the site I linked to.
logicalcAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the useful contributions. Have not done anything yet...

Flubbster, am sure my CD s  are the original XP without SPs. The CD is copyright 1985-2001 and the files are dated Aug 18, 2001. Volume label is WXPOEM_EN. You did not mention which site are you linking to.
(From the link below)
English                      Windows XP Professional OEM                      WXPOEM_EN

That indeed is XP Professional with NO service packs.

I did show the link. See my first post above. That one displays the SP3 Volume Labels. The one below displays the SP0 (No Service Packs) Volume Labels.

btw... on the right side is a link for the complete set of instructions, including the required utilities for slipstreaming (creating) a CD with the service pack you want.
logicalcAuthor Commented:
I decided just to install XP without service packs and then install the service packs.
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