upgrading IBM4560slx from lto1 to lto2

We are currently running an IBM4560slx tape library with Backupexec 9.1 with all known software patches installed. The library currently has 2 LTO1 SCSI tape drives installed in hot swap drive sleds. The host machine has a SCSI ATTO Dual Channel Ultra 3 controller card installed. Everything works fine at this point but management wants to upgrade this library to LTO2 since our other tape library is already an LTO2.

My question is will I be able to put LTO2 drives in this library to upgrade it (the 4560slx) to LTO2 format or, will I need to purchase other parts to bring this system to LTO2? I found a field replaceable unit for an upgrade drive sled but, I don't know if this will do the job for me. I need to keep this upgrade fairly inexpensive relatively speaking. Any help with hardware compatibility would be greatly appreciated.
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DOCJTConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for the information andyalder. Is there somewhere that I can get a printout of specs so I can brake the news to my boss? I have looked on IBM's website and found nothing but a part list for components for the 4560slx library.
Check out this link:


From what I can see it looks to be compatible.
DOCJTAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick reply tankmurdoch. My real issue at this point is trying to find out if the drive sleds are compatible with the LTO2 drives. I have pulled the drive sleds and removed the drive from one of the sleds and could not find any separate part numbers so I do not know if I can just swap out the LTO1 drives for LTO2 drives or will I have to order new drive sleds as well. The SCSI controller card appears to be compatible all the way to LTO3 so I'm not worried about that. I have seen a couple of references about generation 2 drive sleds and magazines for the 4560slx tape library but I could not find if that meant 2nd generation LTO i.e. LTO2 or just an updated piece of hardware from IBM to address some other issue that doesn't pertain to my problem.
Just FYI the tape drives are HP Ultrium LTO 1 tape drives that are in the tape library presently.

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Are you talking about the physical size of the drive? and whether or not it will actually fit?

If so I think it should fit as, as far as I can remember, the physical size of the drive won't be different, unless for the obvious internal/external/standalone type of drive, even then I think you can take the drive out of it's casing (going off on a tangent here).

I really don't think there will be any problem, just remember to use LTO-2 tapes to get the proper capacity with the LTO-2 drive.
Not sure what a sled is but if it's the tray with a drive on it then that's all you need assuming itis also SCSI rather than FC or SAS. If you're thinking about taking your current drive off the tray and putting a stand-alone drive on it then you can't as library drives are slightly different than stand-alone drives; library drives have weaker spring mechanisms because the robot is not all that strong and firmware is also different. You even have to stick to the same manufacturer even though half a dozen 'manufacturers' OEM the same product because the library will refuse to talk to the drive if it has a different personality.
DOCJTAuthor Commented:
So if I pick an internal scsi tape drive it will not necessarily work with my tape library unless it is rated for use in a library? What do I look for when shopping for a library tape drive? I don't want to purchase the FRU that IBM has listed due to the huge expense. I looked at a list of compatible drives that was on the page tankmurdoch posted the link to in his first response. As long as I stay with that list I should be alright correct?

Thanks for all the quick replies
andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, the link tankmurdoch posted is about 3 different autoloader compatibilities with Trivoli, it's not really about the IBM 4560SLX. You cannot put a drive for an Overland Neo in an IBM 4560SLX even if it is listed on that page.

You're stuck with the IBM FRU 71P9146, maybe get one on eBay.
http://www.priceblaze.com/Product.aspx?rfid=318744 is pretty cheap.

You could of course get a LTO3 instead, it'll cost more though and won't write to your current LTO1 tapes.
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