Why do internet sites not work with 'turn off popup blocker' error?

I have a client whose employees use IE7 to access other insurance companies' websites. They go to these sites to get quotes and to check eligibility, etc.

On some of the websites, after logging into the site with their credentials, they have a variety of tools that become available. This is a sporadic problem occurring on only a few desktops.

When they access a choice from the website, they will get an error message stating that the pop-up blocker is stopping the page from appearing. I have checked the popup blocker in IE>Tools>Internet Options and it is on. (I have turned it off and rebooted, but this is not a fix) I have added the website to the allowed sites. *.website.com, www.website.com, etc.

One tech support rep from one of the other sites says that I have to remove all IE7 toolbars and this worked for some of the problems, but not others. I have gone so far as to remove the toolbars from add/remove programs.

thanks in advance.  
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Well you could export the IE registry settings from the working computer, but I can't imagine how many keys that would be.
All I can suggest is to try reinstalling IE7; along those lines, if you use the IE Admin Kit you could install it with preconfigured settings. I believe if you run the IEAK wizard on a correctly configured machine it can use those settings to create the custom install package. It's not that difficult to do, but may be a bit of a hassle.
Try adding the website to the Trusted Sites list as well, if you haven't already.
Also, try resetting the IE settings to default using the button on the advanced tab - you will have to add teh website back to the exceptions list afterwards.
Lara FEACommented:
click on popup blocker, select settings, add your site to list of sites for on which you allow popup.
When user see popup blocked - they should have option allow popup form this site
RSchiererAuthor Commented:
thank you both for the comebacks, but I have done both. This is slightly frustrating to say the least. Is there a way to take the "Internet Options' configurations from a working PC without the problem and apply those settings to the non-working one?
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