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TV Lounge with Audio Selection

I've been tasked with something slightly outside my normal scope.

We're looking into a "Visual News Library".  I know, it's a terrible name.

The idea is basically this:   5 TVs are mounted on a wall.  There's a coffee bar and 10-12 tables.  On the tables there's an audio selector and a (multiple) headphone jacks.  A student walks in, plugs in his headphones and dials in the TV audio matching the channel he wished to hear.

About all I can find is  which would probably work, but I hoped to have a cleaner install than this would provide.

I'd greatly appreciate any direction, or product ideas, or anything.

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2 Solutions
You say audio so if they want to watch TV 1 or TV 2 etc but listen in their own headphones
 So each table selects a channel on the TV
With 5 TV you will have 5 headphones right? on 5 tables?
Each connected to one TV right?
Well as I see it you just give them a remote control  for each TV and then just hide the headphone cabling for each TV to that table or via wireless TV senders. Getts messy. here's my best work around
I have a set of RF RCA dheadphones,Dont know what they called I bought them years ago from an inovations catalog,  on the side of the headphone is a small scroll wheel you tune into the TV channel  I can watch TV in bed  but listen to it in the headset. Walk around the house if I want within a certain distance.
Mine are not wireless though I use one single mono cable that attaches to a small box which in turn is connected to one of the RCA in on the TV.
But now they have wireless check them out ,would kind of solve all your problems in one go, but as for 2 users watching same TV they may have to decide on a shared channel since you'll have only 5 TV.
RCA WHP150 Wireless Headphones
RF wireless
Sennheiser RS120 RF Stereo Headphone Set

For ideas we could go wild with kiosks inbuilt into a table like, windows 7 supports touch screen they have taken this invoation a step further
LIVING 3.0 - multi-sensory i-TeaTable and briefWall, you may have seen these touch screens in the cable tv news room
MU-ITAuthor Commented:
That's not exactly the way they want it to work.

Someone comes in to sit down and can tune into any of the 5 TVs with a dial on the table..
It's pretty easy because you already have the video on the monitors, so all you need is the audio, and to get that all you need is one seperate TV tuner and one set of headphones per table.

How do you do it: Simply purchase seperate digital set-top-boxes (TV tuners) for the tables -- these can be purchased for as little as $50.  It's a bonus if they have headphone sockets, but if they don't you simply connect inexpensive headphone amps to the L/R audio out -- or just buy inexpensive wireless headphones (transmitter and receiver). Most digital set-top-boxes have very few controls -- but they all mostly offer the UP-DOWN TV channel changer, which is all you want. You'll need to go to the menu and  'blank' out all the channels not in use, so it's a simple 5-channel selection.
  Of course you don't connect the video from the set-top-box, but you do have to connect all the set top boxes via coax to a distribution amplifier and then to the common TV antenna in the building ( just the same as the TV monitors).  For all the TV monitors (and their tuners) plus the set-top-boxes you will need a 16 way coax splitter (5 TVs, 11 tables) to spit and amplify the signal from the common TV antenna.  
Someone comes in to sit down and>> can tune into any of the 5 TVs with a dial on the table..<<
The equaliverent to dial in or tune in to a television is the technology of the remote Control as it uses that  termonology.
but that is not what you asked for forgive my no brainer, you would like your clients to dial in using just audio selectors right?
to break down your question>
(A)~ 5 TVs are mounted on a wall.  
(B)~There's a coffee bar and 10-12 tables.  
(C)~ On the tables there's an audio selector and a (multiple) headphone jacks.  
(D)~ A student walks in, plugs in his headphones and dials in the TV audio matching the channel he wished to hear.
Well my idea of the rca headphones is the simplest method to pickup/ tune in or dial in to the audio only on the current TV channel is close,
 if you don't like that idea and prefer cabling  you can route RCA & USB connections to each table with a cover plate.
Here's my ideas 
custom plates
Multi Room Audio
Matrix Switcher and System 
You may see this type of technology in Airplanes and the headphones audio has a cover plate inbuilt into the arm rest so you can watch movies. Or listen to the radio in private
Also at the head stand of beds in Resorts.
Or even coffee shops internet cafe.
Is that what you're looking for?
regards M
...another idea I just thought of was you could save a bundle if you taught the students to lip-read.
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