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I have a need to modify some code on an application I wrote using Visual Basic 5.  It's a fairly simple app.  The problem is that I've lost my registration key for the VB5 software and no longer have the machine that it was installed on.  I've downloaded and installed VB10 Express but it does not seem to be able to open the VB5 project files.  Any suggestions as to how to open the source files (.frm, .vbp, .bas, etc.) and edit them and recompile an executable?  Thanks.
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rick60Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions.  I ended up re-installing a 4 year-old backup drive image that had a working copy of VB Studio 5.  So Im good for now.
Visual Studio IDE has a menu item to bring up a wizard needed for migrating VB code to .NET. This can be accessed clicking File > Open > Convert.
to migrate code you cannot do it to vb2010. you can either rewrite or upgrade to 2008 then upgrade to 2010
Sorry did not realise you are using VB 2010. You can also use the tool from
http://www.artinsoft.com which powers the migration wizard in the Visual Studio 2008.
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