HP Proliant server - orange / red light - what is the meaning

Alas I don't have the exact model other then it is a HP Proliant server from about 2004.
I am concerned as I am not sure if I have never noticed it before, so it might have always been like that, but there is an orange / red light on the front and I want to know waht it means.

Is anyone able to tell me if this is normal or if it indicates something else, if so what does it mean?

 Server lights. What does this mean?

Note, I have already posted this related questions but I wanted to specifically address the question, what is this light telling me?

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skwokConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi! Hard to tell from the photo but it looks like the system health light. You can get more information from here:


Hit submit too soon. If it's an internal system health issue, it's usually a failing fan.
afflik1923Author Commented:
hmmm, it's not exactly quite like any of those symbols if you look closely (you can click on my image and zoom in quite a bit)

It's like the "Internal health one" which is showing green in my picture however it is not in a box like the internal heatlh one (so could it be External health????)

Also I found a HP tool to check events (I took over this server from someone else so never set it up) and found this

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skwokConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So it's showing that one of your Power supplies (#1) has failed. It could also be a loose power cord for power supply one. Hence the internal error.  Check to make sure that no one kicked the power cord loose on your power supplies. If that doesn't fix the issue then it is probable that one of your power supplies has failed, and you can get a replacement. Most HP redundant power supplies are hot swap, you can replace them without shutting off the server. If you look at the back of the server there is usually a green led light on the power supplies that are good, and red/amber or light that is off on the one that is bad.  Sometimes the power supply slots are labeled and then you could just take a look at the #1 slot.
afflik1923Author Commented:
Well the weekend just gone the power was taken down for the entire server room as electrical work was carried out and power cables rerouted. Therefore maybe one is out. I will check this out tomorrow.

This is good info you supply, particularly the hot swapable aspect! I was going to ask can I plug the power cable into the server while it is turned on if it has come out, however if it is hot swappable that must be the case.

Note sure if you saw my other posting which also started occuring after power rewiring. Could the non start of the server without pressing f1 be related to the power?
Alan HardistyConnect With a Mentor Co-OwnerCommented:
Looks like you have an ML350 G3 - and I have one of those and from time to time, the light will come on and just switching off the server and then back on again resets the lights and the Power Supply.
Page 71 identifies the lights for you.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
The ML350 does have hot-swappable power supplies.
blaslettConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The orange light you see relates to what HP refer to as "External Health" ie power supply.

Unless the power cord has come loose, you have a failed PSU.

as per alanhardisty, the ML350 does have hot-swappable PSU's.

From the HP System Manager log you provided, it looks like the Primary PSU (#1) has failed.

Occasionally I have had, PSU backplanes fail (internal interface the PSU's plug into), but this is rare and it is much more likely a PSU failure.

You can confirm the backplane is OK by swapping the PSU's and checking you System Manager log as above. If the backplane is OK, you will find the failed PSU will now show in the log as "power Supply 2" failed.

If the backplane is faulty, you will find the same result in the log as first poseted, ie "power supply 1" failed.
afflik1923Author Commented:
OK went onsite and found that the one of the power supply cables had come loose. Simply reinserted and all was well again.
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