How to setup SFTP on Winows 2008 Server

How do I setup SFTP on Windows 2008 server and which ports do I open on my firewall to access it from the outside?
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AeridenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Another source for free SFTP (Open Source-based):
SFTP uses SSH (TCP 22).  Windows 2008 doesn't include an SFTP server or client.  A third party solution is required (e.g. FileZilla, TitanFTP, Serv-U FTP, etc).
ie0Author Commented:
Are any of those free?
Which would be the better choice?
Titan FTP and Serv-U are commercial products.  They are very good.  But not free.  FileZilla is free software (client and server).  But in looking at it, it appears their server only does FTP and FTPS (not SFTP).  So my apologies.

I have used the free mini SFTP server software (it is very limited but may be good enough for your needs).

Another source:
agree with @Aeriden

freesshd is a great SFTP, I use it when I have to reimage a Cisco IOS. It's free and never let me down.
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