Looking for a batch file to rename files to remove "Sheet (1) from each filename

When printing from autocad to PDF Creator it will add a suffix to the file name before the extesion to indicate which layout printed.  


I am trying to remove the "SHEET (1)" without having to rename each file manually.

thanks for your help
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arweeksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
oops = line 6 should be

replaceString =  "SHEET (1)"
Are you happy with vbscript instead of batch?  It's a little neater for something like this.  You need to take the below code, and put it in a text file called rename.vbs.  If you prefer to run from a batch file, create a batch file that has the path to rename.vbs using the syntax
@echo off
cscript "c:\myscripts\rename.vbs"

or something like that.  
Obviously, you will need to edit the two variables below - one for the rootFolder (Where the documents are stored) and the other with the string you want to remove.  I've left this as "SHEET (1)"

Let me know if I can help further.  Also, it's case sensitive, but  that is easily resolved if you want.

option explicit
dim rootfolder, fso, oFol, f, replaceString
' change these two, as you need to

rootFolder = "C:\Users\arweeks\Desktop"
replaceString = 

' ----   no need to change below here unless you have a reason to -----

Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set oFol = fso.GetFolder(rootFolder)

for each f in oFol.files
	if instr(f.name,replaceString) then
		fso.MoveFile rootFolder & "\" & f.name, rootFolder & "\" & replace(f.name,replaceString,"")
	end if

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808TECAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.  Works great and I appreciate since this has just become a urgent need.
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