BrightStor ARCserve problem

Hello all
I get this message this morning;
"please mount a blank media or any media in scrach set of media pool [*****] to continue the backup'
I know I need to insert a new tape to the machine.
We have a new tape for every day.
Is it will be enough to insert the tape of the new day or should I do something else / more?
What to do with the tame that inside now?
To erase and use it next week?

Please note I'm a beginner here :)

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yducerfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Probably your backup is too large so you need 2 media inside of one..
Verify in the log the size of your backup, and probably the information that the media is full..
2 possibilities, buy a tape library, or reduce your backup..
hope this helps
TheMetalicOneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As yducerf said, your backup is probably too large for the tape.

ie: If your using LTO2 tapes, your native capacity is 200GB and your maximum compressed capacity is 400GB. Very rarely has anyone ever reported being able to reach the maximum compressed capacity. For LTO2 for example, you would consider yourself in good shape to be able to stuff 300GB of data on the tape.

LTO1 - 100GB Native / 200GB Compressed
LTO2 - 200GB / 400GB
LTO3 - 400GB / 800GB
LTO4 - 800GB / 1.6TB
DLT V4 160GB/320GB
and so on. Check your tape type and then by looking at your data you can determine if you have enough space to do a full backup.

What is generally an option when your backup gets to big is to switch from Full to Incremental Backup. In this case you would take a full backup at the beginning of the week that will span across two tapes, and then for the rest of the week you would use one tape only backing up the changes to your data.

So: Monday - Full Backup
Tuesday to Friday -> Incremental
On Monday it starts over.

Brightstor is most likely working properly, you just need to match the tape capacity to your data size.

If the backup just started this behaviour then you may have just broken the threshold of the limit.

Download treesize from
It will work as a full trial for a week or so. Use this to give you a better view to where you data has been consumed. With this you can usually find out who has that special folder of in-appropriate music and videos stored on your network. Get rid of the non company data and your backups will magically start working again in most cases.

One more thing that is important. With Brightstor your backup on Tape 1 has been taken, but cut off somewhere. Brightstor for the most part has a difficult time in restoring data on a multi-tape session if you dont have the second tape. In other words, since your backup asked for a second tape, it is considered a multi-tape or multi-sequence session even though you didnt use a second tape. Here is the solution to this problem:

Cannot merge older tape into Database because it is looking for a second tape in the set which no longer exists.


Make a registry entry on the server that is doing the merge in the following location
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComputerAssociates\BrightStor ARCserve Backup\Base\Task

Create a key called Merge under Task
In the Merge key create a DWORD called DonotUseCatalogMerge
Set the value of the DWORD to 1
Restart the server then perform the merge.
This is just info for you down the road when you go to restore data off this tape and it keeps asking you for sequence two.
talcoSYAuthor Commented:
This answer my problem
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