Dreamweaver design view is different from the browser preview


I am designing a portfolio website, in DW the font sizes and line spacing is substantially different in the design view than way is displayed in the browser. I am using a reset style sheet and a baseline grind of 18px with body type of 12px.

I have opened templates that others have made to see if DW dose this with every thing: the templates are spot on accurate in the design view as well as the browser view.

Is there a work flow so that this dose not happen?

Attached are the previews of DW and Safari

 DW preview DW preview Safari preview
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FrankWaltersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not sure I would use div for your approach here, but if I were to, I would try adding <p style="padding-right:10px"> instead of <p> in order to allow for more space.

Additionally, I notice that all browsers are pretty close to what DW shows, except Safari...

(Call me old school, but I'd use tables for space management instead of div class)
saul_roldanAuthor Commented:
the problem is with ie 7
saul_roldanAuthor Commented:
the above question is what I needed answered the top most that is
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Design View is not always going to give you a correct rendition of the page.  Only previewing in the browser should be trusted.
saul_roldanAuthor Commented:
tables don't give you the flexibility that div tags give you when stilling and spacing elements.
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