XP Laptops hanging when logging off a domain

I have 20 laptops logging onto a domain. They log on fine, but when logging off 'Explorer.exe' hangs, requiring you to hit 'End now' before a logoff is properly initiated.

This then causes the laptops to hang after 'Saving your settings,...'

The only way to progress is to then reboot the laptops.

This happens whether the profile is roaming or not - Disabled all services locally on the laptops except the bare essentials, but still no luck -Am out of ideas!
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Karim-SaidConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you need to take dump of the process to get the root cause
if you want a quick remedy

create/edit the following DWORD
HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop

set the value to "1"

on next reboot the app should be automaticall closed without waiting to end tasks

xxxHIGHVOLTAGExxxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I use Access and Excel a lot..... for some reason, both require a substantial delay before allowing the computer to shutdown and always give errors. There is an UPDATE from Microsoft that addresses this issue, if you go to Microsoft.com and check your computer for updates, you should be fine. it was my solution, hope its yours !!!
UncleVirusAuthor Commented:
That's great, thanks.

I've applied all the most recent windows updates, but it still hangs after logging off and seeing 'saving settings' - Just sits there doing nothing showing the XP wallpaper logo... any ideas?
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does it still show you the end tas thing?
have you checked the autoendtasks in regustry?
UncleVirusAuthor Commented:
I cannot access task manager. Nothing is happening. The HDD activity light flickers a tiny bit. I've checked event logs after a forced reboot (Hard power off) and nothing!
you may very well have some virus/spyware running in the background causing this, I highly recommend AntiMalware Bytes free software, Google it. It found stuff on my computer that Avast and Nortons didn't ! Also check your START UP files, Click WINDOWS, RUN, MSCONFIG and then click the START UP tab to see how many needless processes are running EVERYTIME you start your computer. Uncheck the boxes that you KNOW do not need to run every start up , you can always go back and re-check them if you need to. ctrl,alt & delete then looking at task manager won't show most malware running in the back ground, so scan your hard drives to night with this > http://download.cnet.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware/3000-8022_4-10804572.html
UncleVirusAuthor Commented:
There is no virus/spyware. These are brand new laptops. They haven't been put onto the internet yet and have been installed with a vanilla XP install with drivers. Sorry! :-/
UncleVirusAuthor Commented:
Just to clarify, it does this on EVERY laptop.. not just one or two. It's a network issue as when I log on as a LOCAL user (not on the domain), it logs on/off fine - as soon as I start logging on/off as a domain user I start to get issues.
UncleVirusConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
No comments added - It turned out to be a piece of OEM Manafacturer Biometric software. Used GPO & a script to remove it and all laptops returned to normal!
UncleVirusAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help!
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