Hello Guys,

I'm looking for a way to persistantly connects two offices together.

Site A

ADSL connection
1 Fixed IP
I have control over this network
Router Vigor 2820

Site B

Broadband connection provided by the office/building (trying to find out the upload and download speed)
I don’t have control over this network
Router Vigor 2820

My plan is:

Can I setup a VPN LAN-to-LAN PPTP from Site B to dial Site A?
On site B the router will be connected to the internet via WAN2 port?
If so... Do I require any specific port(s) open on their firewall?

Please advise.


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the better way is site to site IPSEC VPN.
PPTP vpn will work but it may got disconnect can go for site to site ip sec based have to create to diffrent network for two separe office and your connectivity will be on all time... if the isp is alive.
you need at-least one static ip for the above solution ...if you have have static ip on both the sites.. then you can go for IPSEC VPN active-active mode or if you have only one static ip then you can go for IPSEC VPN active-passive mode then the dynamic ip site will dial...the other site.
then the dynamice ip site..will be in active mode...

please revert back
What I would recommend is a site to site VPN tunnel. This will allow traffic on both internal networks, but nothing from the outside. So long as your two endpoints can connect to each other, you should be good to go. Note, you might have to alter your static routing table if the IPs on Net B are on a different subnet.

Good Luck.
How many machines on each end?  Using Hamachi from Logmein is a very simple and convenient way of doing this.
Rod_2010Author Commented:
sorry for delay... but everything is working fine. IPsec is done!
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