can't save in word 2007

Any time i open a document (even a new one) in Word 2007, when i press save or save as nothing happens, the document does not get saved. If i exit, i need to cancel to be able to move out of word. All the other parts of Office (PowerPoint, Exel, etc) are working fine. Any ideas ?
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wlamoreConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We had to uninstall and re-install Office
Chris StauntonCommented:
In Word options check the Save settings and make sure you're saving to a valid location.

Rob HutchinsonDesktop SupportCommented:
Looks like it might be a bug in the offline files settings using Windows Vista( maybe also Windows 7?)
See this article:
In Vista, the problem seems to be with offline files. On the start menu, in the search field, type "offline files". Once offline files opens, click on disable offline files and then you will be prompted to reboot your machine. After reboot, you will be able to save to a network drive.
Rob HutchinsonDesktop SupportCommented:
Also another Micro$oft article with some general things to check regarding similar office problems:
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