Netgear GS748TS Switch Radius setup with IAS

I have a Netgear GS748TS Smart Switch which I am trying to setup to use Radius authentication using IAS on Windows Server 2003 R2.  Its not working.  Could anyone check the steps I have taken so far and give me a clue as to what I might be missing ?

I want users in the Domain Admin group to be able to access the switch using their domain credentials.

Config on Netgear GS748TS Switch

Security -> Radius
      Added RADIUIS Host IP Address
      Authentication Port 1812 (Default)
      Retries 3 (Default)
      Timeout 3 (Default)
      Dead Time 1
      Key String TEST
      Usage Type Login
      Active Primary

Security -> Authentication List
      1=Radius 2=Local

Config on IAS (v 5.2.3790.3959 Running on Windows Server 2003 R2)

Created Radius Client
      Added switch IP address
      Client-Vendor = Radius Standard
      Added shared secret
      Message Authenticator Attribute not ticked

Created Remote Access Policies
      Created Custom Policy
      Added Policy Condition
            Windows Groups
                  Domain Admins
      Grant Permission

With the above config, the switch prompts only for a password when connecting to the web gui - I was expecting it to prompt for a username as well (so I could log in with domain credentials).
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digitapConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Edit your remote access policy.  when you do, you'll have a button called Edit Profile.  Click the Authentication tab and identify which boxes are ticked.  Also, do the same for Encryption.

i've not setup IAS for a switch before, but have for VPN authentication.  i have to tick the last box under the authentication tab and remove the ticks for the other boxes.  i check all the boxes under encryption.
SuncoreAuthor Commented:
You are the man. Thanks. PAP was not selected, is now - works great :)
Thanks!  Glad I could help and thanks for the points!
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