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Posted on 2010-09-21
Last Modified: 2013-11-10
I have a package with 4 Execute sql tasks. I clicked eah one individually, then clicked event handlers and setup a Send Mail Task (for each one).using the OnError  event handler. To test it, I renamed one of the tables so it would get an error. It got the error, but did not send the email.    sendMail.docx
Question by:qbjgqbjg
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ID: 33728876
[Send Mail Task] Error: An error occurred with the following error message: "Failure sending mail.  System.Net.WebException: Unable to connect to the remote server  System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it".

This is the error.
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Expert Comment

by:Reza Rad
ID: 33728998
the error is in SEND MAIL TASK not execute sql task.
I think ssis can not connect to smtp connection. could you re-check it ?

Author Comment

ID: 33729106
I am checking with the person in IT that manages the servers. He gave me the Smtp connection.
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by:Reza Rad
ID: 33731746
could you connect to smtp server with outlook ?
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ID: 33733502
Dear qbjgqbjg:

the normal SSIS send mail task is useless, it doesnt allow you to specify the credintials of the sender and this way the user that is running the SSIS package should always has a valid email and authenticated and authorised to send, and when you are running the ssis package using a sql job, the agent has to be run by an authorised domain user.

so that is why you need to use a SSIS script task As mentioned by MohammedU and below is a simple code

    Public Sub Main()

        Using reader As New StreamReader(response.GetResponseStream())
            Dim myAddress = ""

            Dim myEmail As New MailMessage(myAddress, myAddress)
            myEmail.Subject = "From SSIS using HTML"
            myEmail.IsBodyHtml = True   ' this value should be true
            myEmail.Body = reader.ReadToEnd()

            Dim smtp As New SmtpClient("", port) ' you need to mention the smtp port
            smtp.Credentials = New NetworkCredential(myAddress, "yourpassword")
            smtp.EnableSsl = True
        End Using

        Dts.TaskResult = ScriptResults.Success
    End Sub

check the following article for more details
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by:Reza Rad
ID: 33733615
Send Mail Task is not useless,
you can set sender configuration there
also you can set To or CC or BCC in configuration there.
but this does not means that this is static configuration.
you can simply use expression and there are ToLine, CCLine , BCCLine properties there which allows you to send mail to any address dynamically.

Am I understand your post correctly? If you mean something else explain it more.


Author Comment

ID: 33734875
I have never used VB at all. I still am waiting for our server guy to get back to me. I think the problem is with the authentication. We use Windows authenication on a lot of things but there is a firewall that may be affecting it. I might have to learn enough VB to use the script.

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ID: 33735124
See if your mail admin will allow relaying from that server without SMTP authentication, if you want to avoid code. It's not that most secure solution, but it is an alternative.
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by:Reza Rad
ID: 33736383
you can simply check the connection with outlook,
try to connect to server with outlook and send a dummy mail with credential provided
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Accepted Solution

AmmarR earned 500 total points
ID: 33736652
sorry @reza_rad: and guys, i didnt mean to say its useless in that sense, i meant its very limited and doenst give you all the necessary options to setup email client.

by the way qbjgqbjg:, if you SQL Server Integration Services is running under a valid domain account, which has access to send email, then you can simply run the send email task without all these configurations and problems.

check image below, see my account here is running under Network system, yours should be under a valid domain account


Author Closing Comment

ID: 33737311
Thanks for all of the suggestions.

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