SSL Cert for .local domain inside and .com outside

I have a SBS2003 server running Exchange 2003, I need to get Droids and iPhones to connect to Activesync, and of course need a 3rd party Cert.

Here’s my problem.
My internal network is: mynetwork.local
Our email domain is:
A SSL Cert for won’t recognize a .local domain name which is where the Exchange mail server lives
I know I need a mutli domain SSL Certificate and can get it from GoDaddy cheaply but how do I generate the right CSR?
Do I generate the correct CSR in IIS
      From the Default Website

Do I need a second CSR for mynetwork.local or do I just include mynetwork.local in the SSL request as one of the domains?
What do I do about which points to Outlook Web Access.

I have the same problem with SBS2008 and Exchange 2007 which an entirely different beast. For that I have to do it from Command Line
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ics-pcConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Created the CSR normally and added both the .local and .com to it.
I use this online tool to generate certificate requests:

It says its for Exchange 2007 but I believe it will work for 2003 as well.
Suliman Abu KharroubIT Consultant Commented:
the public cert CSR , you can do it from IIS.

you can use a free public CA ( it works as same as godaddy, but free!!

the internal cert, you can generate it from a local CA by request a new cert using computer account  certificate MMC console.
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