"Access Denied" and Citrix Netscalers\Web Interfaces

Can anyone guide me to troubleshooting an issue we have, we access our Citrix servers via GSLB Netscalers, after 15 mins when the Web interface times out, instead of a message to Click Here and log back on we get a blank page with "Access Denied". Any ideas ?
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The screen you are thinking of is a web interface screen. See attached.

If you want that screen to be available, you can move your WI server to the DMZ, you will need to put a webcert on it. Dont use the NS portal logon page to authenticate, just redirect users to WI. You will still use the NS in secure gateway mode (ica proxy) but you wont be using the netscaler to authenticate users, they will go straight to WI and logon there. Then when the page times out, it will be the WI log back in screen.

The way you have it now, authentication happens at the NS. That means when it times out the WI server is no longer available, so the loggedout.aspx page cant be displayed... access denied.
Thats because its the portal logon page of the netscaler and not the web interface logon page. This is by design, you would need to move your web interface server into the dmz if you wanted to change this behavior.
rimmenaAuthor Commented:
The portal logon page works fine and the re-redirection to the Web interface is fine, the issue arises after 15 min timeout.
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