NTFS Permissions on a network share prevent domain admin from accessing a file

I have a network share that houses my roaming profile.  As a regular user I have full control over this particular folder as well as the fact that I am a domain admin.  There is one file in my roaming profile folder that seems to have lost all permissions info.  I don’t even get the security tab when I go to properties.  Another domain admin was able to see the security tab but can't make any changes.  It says it was unable to determine the owner of the file when he went in to the advanced properties.  Anyone know how I can fix this?  I get an error saying it can't copy the file every time I try to use a published application in Citrix because I don't have permission.
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rkeith2412Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Whatever created the file eventually deleted it.  thanks for the try.
HunterPineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The domain admin who can see the security tab should be able to take ownership of the file, then reset permissions.
rkeith2412Author Commented:
He said he was not able to take ownership, but I wan't there, just on the phone.  Maybe I will get someone else to try in the morning unless someone has an idea.
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rkeith2412Author Commented:
The command line approach didn't work either.
have you run a scandisk yet? Could be an ntfs error.
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