How to create Power Plan for Windows 7 Client on SBS 2008

Hello again!

I've just completed the setup of a small domain consisting of 14 users. The computers seem to be going to sleep after a set time interval. I cannot however seem to find any optiong in GP relating to Windows 7. SBS has all of the latest updates as do the client. Maybe i am looking in the wrong place? I have attached screenshots of both user and computer configuration in GPO. All i have are options for XP/

What am i missing?
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Bizarre I know, but, you need to download and install RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) on a domain joined Win7 machine. Open the tool set and you will have a group policy management console exactly the same as the server with the same policies (you are viewing the server policies) but there will also be present a 3rd option "Power Plan (Windows Vista and later).
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Screen shot as per above
VCSLIAuthor Commented:
Does this have to be installed on EVERY client PC? or just one?
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Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Actually, all of those options are set through Administrative Templates rather than through Preferences. Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\System\Power Management has all the settings you want for Windows Vista and 7. There are also options for setting custom Active Power Plans or Selecting from the default plans.
Ivano ViolaSystem AdministratorCommented:
Install the group policy management console on a Windows 7 computer.

Connect to a domain controller from the Windows 7 computer using the group policy management console. You will then be able to add a power option policy for the Windows 7 computers.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
>>"Does this have to be installed on EVERY client PC? or just one?"
Just on the one from which you want to manage Group Policy. There are actually a whole set of management tools mirroring those of the server. This is a safer way of managing a server than actually logging on.
VCSLIAuthor Commented:
I will test this tomorrow and post back, thanks for the responses.

Rob WilliamsCommented:
Let us know how you make out.
I assume you are aware the changes to the policy take up to about 90 minutes to apply to the PC/s unless you run  gpupdate /force on each PC.

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VCSLIAuthor Commented:
I will post back when i have tested this. All computers are in use so i must wait until someone logs off. I'm not physically at the location.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks VCSLI.
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